Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Handbag Obsession of Generation Y

Why are we all obsessed with handbags? I will admit I have a few Kate Spade's I really love, a BCBG clutch that is very trendy and I love my Longchamp so dearly, and these quality bags do stay cleaner and last a long time, they are worth it. But I am not going to live or spend out side my means just to have the latest shit.

I think girls in America should chill out with how much they worry about looking better then everyone else, honestly we really can't afford it. I do not know any one who can afford Gucci bags, or Louboutin shoes.

I shop outlets, I shop DSW, I shop for deals.

Before I moved to NYC, I lived in Syracuse, NY, and I never even heard of Gucci.

I think Sexy in the City has killed the realistic truth that many girls in America should face. I have a dear friend who is a handbag designer, but I will say that girls are way, way, way too obsessed with being fashionable and do not spend enough time being nice,driven, ambitious, and serious about themselves.

I am not saying having nice things means you are a stuipid lazy ass, but I am saying that fashion should not define you.

I like to treasure the items I have, take care of them, and keep them for years, I believe in timeless purchases.

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