Monday, January 5, 2009

Petite Models-Before you say you are a Model

It takes more than being in a sexy pose to be a model and yet so many shorter girls think they are models just because they can show clevage and bend over. It is really sad. Here is some of my advice:

Before you say you are a model ask yourself, "what have you modeled,"

Before you say you are a model count the magazines you have been in?

Before you say you are a model ask yourself if you have a modeling agency?

Before you say you are a model it would be best to get some real modeling work.

Before you say you are a model ask yourself if your boss or mother could handle seeing your photos?

It makes me sad seeing shorter girls being so desperate to call themselves models that they end up portraying themselves like sluts.

Mainly it makes me sad because a shorter girl can find modeling opportunities but it is a choice how you chase it and if you do. A girl who calls herself a model before she has actually gone to castings, worked with agencies and worked with brands or magazine editors is not a model, the main concern is that she is being unrealistic with herself by calling herself a model and using the title just to sooth her lack of confidence, and to gain an ego. If you want to model you should remind yourself that modeling involves modeling something. Not just looking sexy or hot, or having men like you. If a guy is the only one calling you a model you are most likely NOT one.

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