Sunday, January 4, 2009

Struggles of a Petite Model

A shorter girl will find struggles in the business similar to a Plus size model, trying to find her way, market herself, find the right agents and being realistic with herself. My approach to working as a model has always been very hands on, very much NOT about what an agent can only do for me, but what I can do for my own pursuits, and how I can craft the right photos and presentation which can help me get ahead as a model despite my height. But there is no short cut, easy answer, or road. Marketing yourself in ways that will lead you to print ads and working with brands is very important.

Recently on Myspace a girl asked me bluntly in a message "How can I be a model?"

That's all she put.

And it was a bit shocking because there is no real one answer considering all the work it takes, but the one thing that doesn't change is the perception that a girl needs to have of "what a model is." If a girl only focuses on fashion, glamour modeling and has an unrealistic modeling mindset then she will struggle at getting an agent, getting the photos she needs, and instead of treating herself and goals seriously she will just end up, another girl waiting to get scammed, and fooled by her own lack of hard work and just searching for the easy way to call herself a model, but not being one at all.

The struggle of being a model for a shorter girl comes when she does not understand what she can DO, and instead just sees all she can't and then settles for the thrill of giving herself the title of model by those who are either clueless to what a real model is, or amateur to the business.

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Danielle Miller said...

I really like your mindframe and willingness to plan and work hard to achieve your goals. I'm not a petite model but I can still understand the struggles and sterotyping that goes into trying to become a successfull model. I don't have standard industry measurements and as a model of color I am already limited. Please visit my blog when you can. It's about my life as a model.