Monday, January 5, 2009

I threw a fit at the post office today

I was at the post office twice today. I threw two fits. The the first time I swore my head off. The second time I slammed my hand on the table, thought about how I am ruining my hand and future hand modeling jobs, (oh damn!) and dug through the trash because I threw out the address I needed thinking it was a piece of tape that didn't stick, but on the way out waved to the postal lady like she was an old friend. Maybe because she is. I visit the post office daily, mailing all types of shit.

Pr kits, my articles to magazines, pitches to screen writers, modeling pics, headshots,compcard, and recently mailing late Xmas gifts to my family.

Usually around noon I am at the post office, after coffee and writing, and right before I am ready to eat and if I don't soon I will really freak out.

Today I stood on line for like an hour, and bought three boxes,- then I was told to tape them and put what I needed inside with the address, and was handed tape and a sticker. So I went to the nearest area that no one was by because I needed a lot of room for this. Then, not really that carefully, -I was over it-I smashed my gifts for my mom, and my sister, and my grandparents into them. But that was the last thing I did. The first thing was tape the Truckin boxes, oh-my-god, -that was-the biggest-hell ever!

Try it. Someday. I promise you will say TRUCK about am million times. Taping boxes kills me. Really truckin kills me. Holding the box still, perfect and with two hands you somehow hold the box and the tape, the whole thing is a mess, the tape gets twisted, you waste tape, and your trying to hold the box, and then people are rushing by asking you like a million and one questions, "where did you get that box," "are you done with that tape." "how much is that box?"

Instead of answering the first questions I answered back with a question, to the lady, "Do you know how Trucking hard this is?"

Then I said, "That lady is such a ITCH, such an ITCH, damnit,damnit, damnit."

I could hear the A**hole behind me, waiting in line, laughing and texting someone, probably something like, "this chick is freaking over tape!"

But I was. It was terrible! Then, you won't believe this shit, I taped the wrong damn tape!

WHAT? I said to the postal lady, your kidding, you gave me that tape??? I tried to be nice, a good patient person, but I wasn't. I was dead pissed.

Not to mention I am sweating my butt off and hungry.

Normally I would be calm, well, normally I hate this type of shit, so I don't know how normal I would ever be in this situation, but this seriously not my day or best moment, maybe it could have been good to record to save for an audition tape of a "girl freaking out that you want to cast in your next horror film."

So I had to retape the whole TRUCKIN thing.

God I hope my package makes it in good form, she kind of just threw it in the pile.

Then after spending like $30 and going nutso I had to do it all over again because I had one more thing to mail. There is only so much I can carry at once. I ran home got that shit and ran back to the post office, and went through that whole thing again. Oh I love it! A perfect excuse to curse in public again.

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