Saturday, January 10, 2009

We’re shooting a YouTube commercial?

I saw a breakdown that read: "We're shooting a Yourtube commercial.." recently.

I had a moment of "mmmm oh no" in my mind.

I am not submitting to this job obviously. But I do think about how many aspiring, striving curious models might.

It is funny how much the internet has changed the word model and also how internet commercials and ads have become a term in the industry.

However if my agent wanted to book me for a Youtube commercial, I would laugh. And say "what?...tell me more about it." And then I would think to myself:

1. How reputable is this brand and company?
2. What does the commercial involve? What is my role in detail? And am I comfortable with it?
3. How will this role effect other roles I want to get?

Although the internet is hype, I find more credibility in a booking that involves working with a brand that is producing a commercial for TV. And it pays a lot better.

Obviously this compant putting out the Youtube commercial doesn't have a big budget because it also read: "Compensation: $50 for the day, plus food.." but it is interesting that creating this commercial putting it on Youtube and hoping for brand awareness is the goal.

I use Youtube daily and weekly for my modeling tip videos.

Yet as a model I find working with a brand on set shooting a commercial spot that will air on TV gives my worth more credibility than a booking for a Youtube commercial. I think when it comes to anything based on "web exposure" " internet promotion" and etc that is included with a job, you have to be careful. The product and brand needs to have credibility too, so don't be in such a rush to build an acting reel or be a model that you accept jobs without asking questions and details.

Know ahead of time what the job will involve and especially how naked you will be for it.

Many things on the web, you can not delete. Becareful, and be a smart model and person, when it comes to modeling jobs and acting roles that involve "web promotion" as part of the deal, because once it is out there it is hard to delete.

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