Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Louis Vuitton limited edition Stephen Sprouse

I think Daniel Lalonde, the North America president and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton, and his team has their mind in the right place. By not being a narrow minded piss colored handbag collection, and instead being more and more artistic over the years with their handbags and limited editions, and their accessories palette. I personally do not want to have a bag that every other girl is carrying. However, I do like LV’s limited editions and I am intrigued with their latest..

The empire is releasing a limited edition of Stephen Sprouse designs and inspired accessories. Stephen Sprouse died in 2004, and brought sixties-inspired graffiti art to the fashion scene in the 80’s. Proceeds for this limited edition collection will benefit the Free Arts NYC.

The downtown Louis Vuitton store will be screaming Stephen Sprouse and will be decked out with a new identity.- At least for a little while.

The store is suppose to be wrapped in vinyl and spray painted, and inside there will be a six foot instillation of Sprouse’s Rose motif seen on previous bags.

Did you know if you hurry you could get a Louis Vuitton skateboard case to hold your Louis Vuitton board before your ride? Yup, Louis Vuitton has a limited edition of Stephen Sprouse Skateboards and skateboard cases.

Who knows how much that is?
Looks heavy.

Perhaps bringing the skaters and the prom queens together ten years ago would have been a whining mess but when fashion and outdoor action sports like skateboarding come together you know something is happening in the fashion world and also for our society.

You can read more about it over at wwd.com here.

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