Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Modeling Agent Emails Me more than Calls

The email has become a major tool with my modeling gigs during this past year, I notice it more and more among my modeling agents. They do not call. They email me casting locations, booking information, confirming times and dates. I hardly speak to them.

I lost my Blackberry at LGA airport this past fall. So I have a phone that doesn't get amazing Internet connections.

Which can be a bad thing because the agents are relying on your email reply.

Before Xmas I missed an opportunities for a booking with a major retail store, because I didn't check my email soon enough. It was 3 hours later.
It had already been booked since it was a last minute job.

And while I do not suggest a model email an agency to make the first contact, I suggest mailing photos to the agency office, with a stamp is best, but once you have representation your email might actually become the ONLY way of communication between your agent and you.

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