Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Modeling Job Confessions: Cut out of the Photo

So I love modeling. But I hate some of the bs that goes into it. Like spending all day on a Saturday for a booking your agent urges you to book and working topless and cold in a studio and then only to find out the shot was never used. Instead some photo shopped image was. damn! I hate that. Still you get paid but it is the credibility, the image, the cover, you wanted. Not just the paycheck.

That is a downside of working as a model, even for great job, ad campaigns, and magazine cover shoots, you could be chopped, cut, or not included at all after the final shots are taken. In the end it is up to the editor. In the situation above the shot was considered too sexy, revealing for the magazine cover for this lifestyle magazine and I understood of course in the end when some stock photo was used and photoshopped but my thought was "why couldn't they just have used me, and photoshopped it or something to make it work?"

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