Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bazaar Magazine The Fight Against Fakes

I recently read in Bazaar magazine an article called "The Fake Against Fakes." I liked it. It made me think of a few friends who have visited me in NYC and wanted so badly to go to Canal Street and buy fake designer bags.

I also have a memory come to mind of seeing a fake Kate Spade handbag on Canal Street for the first time and thinking, "what the heck the real store is only a few blocks away?" I wondered how Kate felt about it, and started to be confused over the hype of having a certain handbag and even if it was fake people would flaunt it just for the sake.

I find this mindset very draining an annoying. I do not want anything that is fake unless it is fur.

Maybe it is because I have a friend who is a handbag designer, and I know how much work she puts into her bags. We spoke about how it would be a compliment if someone wanted to copy her design but we both agree that fakes are a person's fantasy game in their mind to have something that they think defines them a certain status.

I think, " if I can't afford it, then I shouldn't have it. Unless it is a gift."

Wearing a fake wouldn't make me feel any better about myself, infact it makes me feel worse, reminding me if I opened my bag of how stupid I am to think this bag really makes me better than someone or that it passes the test to fit in with the luxury world.

I have a hard time buying things these days without thinking "where did come from?" What is the story of the brand? And do I not only respect the style and design but also the person who made it."

I only have a few higher end luxury items in my shoe salon, and within my handbag corners, but I like them a lot and cherish them.

I can't let myself buy things I can't afford in these trying times, and a credit card is not free money, it is a pain in the ass paying back a credit card and I do not have a Macy's card or credit card anymore because I just don't want the depression.

When it comes to fakes, I think our society is nuts over it. I will admit, I do not even want some people I know to visit because I dread the moment they say "Let's go to Canal Street." I am most likely mailing the article in Bazaar to these friends. They might be pissed at me. But oh well. Buying a fake Louis Vuitton,Givenchy, or Coach bag, to match your Nine West, Steve Madden or Payless shoes could show that you are diverse and like all types of fashion, but not really. It really just says to people, "I am obsessed with fitting in and this handbag defines me."

And that is just not me.

I wear what I can afford, I like Payless, I like DSW, I like outlets, I like Marshalls, Target, and vintage second hand stores for original looks like Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn,-perfect stop after a beer at the Brooklyn Brewery across the street. I get compliments daily on my outfits and accessories.

I wish more people would accept that it is ok if you can't really afford a real Louis Vuitton, and that without the logo on your arm you still are hot, and you still can like yourself.

My day will come, but right now I have 4 pairs of designer shoes and a few designer clutches,-all which I got on sale in retail stores and I am proud of.

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