Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Model Liskula Cohen sues Google - What?

I stress on my blogs, radio show, and videos that it takes confidence to be a model, that is takes a thick skin, it is a business of No's and you will be dissed, doors slammed, and not hear back from modeling jobs you think you got. It is a business of rejection, but did someone forget to tell Liskula Cohen that? In today's Daily News article she threw a legal fit over a blogger talking shit about her?

...."The defamation suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, seeks a court order compelling Google and its Blogger.com service to identify whoever led the vicious Internet assault against Cohen.". So she hired a lawyer and wants to sue the blogger for defamation...or pretty much saying the blogger posted a vicious, uncalled for attack that caused her to lose modeling business, etc. So your going to go to court and say "I'm suing "blogger x" for talking shit about me? (defamation) You have to know the person's name in order to file suit in court. So the model and her lawyer and trying hard to fight Google to release the person's name to them so they can file the defamation suit. If Google releases all blogger names, etc, they would lose people visiting their site since people see the Internet as a "safe" zone and would go to the search engines, etc. that won't release their names....so tricky business to whether your Google, the girl's lawyer, and you're drenched in sweat if you are the blogger hoping Google doesn't release your real name.

Plain and simple bloggers are an opinion. Freedom of speech thing.

I respect that Liskula is around 36 and looks really good and could be an example that modeling does not have an age. Especially for commercial print modeling. But the girl needs an internet wake-up-call. Perhaps a client will Google your name before they hire you, but if they like your look, they like it. That is the modeling business baby. To think a blogger's post could ruin her modeling business? That is kinda weird. I find her thinking really weird.

Sad to say about bloggers, but what they write "it is an opinion thing."

Being bashed on the web is a typical thing these days among those in the spotlight. And as a model you would think she would know this. Instead she wants to sue Google?

Poor Google having to deal with BS like this.

I love Google and many bloggers have written about me and my reply "awesome!" I take Google pretty seriously, I mean I have built a brand around my Google marketing, you might have even found this blog from a google search you did. And although it can be hurtful when someone talks shit about it, that is #1 baby in the rules of being a model: Be able to handle the rejection, the diss, the fact that you will have your ugly days, and that your own beauty can not run your life. I don't take some blogger post or diss so seriously that I am going to have a nervous breakdown.

To work as a model you have to have tough skin, not just supple and soft glowing skin but confidence and being able to brush things off and say "tomorrow is a new day."

It is also not a good idea to only be defined by one thing in life. It only leads you to a bad place. And a lonely place. In your mind you have to love yourself beyond why other people love you, or don't love you.

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