Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Model Life buzz Publishers Weekly

My up-coming graphic novel called Model Life has got some buzz in Publishers Weekly. Check it out here.


The Cadillac Man

While doing my research and marketing and pr I Google a lot! I read a lot of articles and then contact the writer/or reporter or journalist. On NYMag.com right now, would love to be in that magazine. I found this article that is a few months old but I liked it:

The Homeless Life and Times of Cadillac Man


Monday, June 29, 2009

fight for your chance

Sure I've made mistakes, but when u want something bad enough you pick yourself up, and keep fighting on for your chance.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random photoshoot in Tribeca today

There was this random wood table. Alone. In the alley way. With sun rays hitting it, almost on purpose. I walked passed it thinking "I want to lay on that." Takin on a BlackBerry, not bad for out-of-the-blue pix.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Models of all ages

A girl recently asked me if age was an issue for modeling? These were some of my thoughts on modeling and age and I think it might inspire you:

Age is not an issue because actually most commercial products, -watch commercials, flip through a Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook, Self, Allure, most of the products in the magazine are for a woman 27-40.

So the more you think of modeling as advertising the more you will see models are ALL ages. Even Grandmothers model!

A major part of finding success as a model is making your own marketing material, making your own compcard, managing your shoots, being the art director and knowing what you need photographically to get the photos that WILL help you. I would keep mailing your compards out. Like an actor that mails their headshot and a handbag designer that mails their line sheet to buyers, you, as the model have to be aggressive with mailing! It is the only way.

Remember for your own modeling pursuits: Beauty,skincare, hair-care, accessories, modeling lifestyle products should be your goal. Modeling has no age, because wherever there is a need to advertise a product, there is a need for a model. Ironically fashion is spoke about A LOT more, but it is print modeling that actually is where most models work. 90% of modeling is print and yet no one talks about it.
Someone has to model that Advil, wrinkle cream, insurance, hair dye, and they are woman of ALL ages.

And to target yourself as a print model, with the right photos, to the right agencies it does take a perceptive eye and a marketing mindset! :)

Mail your compcard to commercial print modeling agencies. A few to consider are: Flaunt Models, FFT, R&L Models, Images, Rick Miller Agency, CESD, and Parts Models for hands, feet, eyes, body part modeling.

Short models are not in style for cycle 14 ANTM

In my breakdowns I noticed cycle 14 to America's Next Top Model is casting, but the short chicks are not welcome this time. However, do not think that this means you can not model if you are shorter, shorter girls can model but they do have to market themselves well and be ambitious in marketable ways.

If you are 5'7" or taller and want to be on the show you can apply here ( yet I did not see an open call in NYC area):

However these reality shows leave many girls are left discouraged and they give up after they get kicked off the show, when really they could find opportunity, but are aware of it or just simply do not know how.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jacqueline Susann on my mind today: Valley of the Dolls

Coffee in hand, eggo in another, about to go run errends. Last night I watched the movie Isn't She Great, about the underdog life of author Jacqueline Susann. This is a must see for any one who is fighting for their chance. The film was about her own pursuits trying to get her book published, it was rejected many times but her book Valley of the Dolls, went on to be a major hit.

I cried, laughed, and each time she talked to God at the tree I just wanted to hug her!

Bette Midler was great portraying her in the movie.

Initially, Valley of the Dolls was rejected by publishers. When the book was finally released on February 10, 1966, it was an instant hit with the public. The subject matter was considered inappropriate at the time, and was a mixture of soap-opera style storytelling with bold, non-traditional characters.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isobella Jade writes Tyra Banks with a letter blog

In celebration of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" hitting the bookstores in the NYC area now!! I wanted to share my Dear Tyra with you since the book is timely for cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model:

I did send some of my press to her people, agent, publicist. And this is my letter and hopes for her up coming show.

Dear Tyra,
As the shortest working model in New York City I wanted to share some tips that might help your itty bitty hopefuls.

My first tip is to not judge how the girl walk. Don't kick a short girl off for how she walks. Pretty please. Only a small percent of models rock the runway and shorter girls really should focus on the areas of the modeling industry they can really get ahead, such as in print modeling, parts modeling, or modeling lifestyle products in commercials.

Knowing their facial expressions well can be a benefit, since a shorter girl can find opportunities modeling skincare, hair-care, and for beauty products.

Using their personality and creating a nice headshot or close up should be a goal of the models.

After you kick them off, the girls might leave the show feeling like "now what?" So I suggest that the girls create their own compcard after the show, strive to work with the photos they got from the show, (they get to keep those photos right?) and put together a nice submission package that can help them get in the door at an agency after the show.

Also there are way more print modeling agencies out there than fashion, so don't give up!

Many shorter models give up after a few submissions to agencies without a call back, but trying once is not enough to be a model. It took me years to work with the agencies I work with now and get great modeling jobs. These days modeling is not about someone discovering you, or thinking you can do it, it is about you discovering your self, and focusing on what you do have, and what you can offer the modeling business. The modeling business is really the advertising business for a shorter girl and she should learn how to model products, show she can actually model, and remember that ambition out weighs height and inches.

Isobella Jade

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some buzz

I have hit 1,000 posts on this blog, and my other one http://petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com is 90 posts away from the same.


Secrets of the Modeling World -blog:

Blogtalkradio Blog:

Isobella Jade reading of Almost 5'4" at 6pm today

With the excitement of my original modeling memoir Almost 5’4” (which is about my experiences as a shorter-than-average model) being now available in bookstores in NYC!, I am doing a reading of my favorite chapter today at 6pm and I hope you can tune in. Or listen to the archive :) Click the awesome image below to listen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the train

On the train if I wear high heels, really high heels, I feel like a slut, so many stares. I love heels, but it is a shame to show your legs on the train, really it can be.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Being small

Being small, short, petite has it's advantage, I can make a tee-shirt a dress sometimes. Well that's my way to save a buck!

Isobella shares Almost 5'4" in a video here

If you ever have been told you were too short to model, my memoir is for you, here is a video on it I just made:

Almost 5'4" is not too short to model

Isobella shares how height and inches are not everything in modeling:

Models Playing with Goliath

I was getting coffee today telling the sweet barista on 19th Street how a shorter girl could get ahead. How can a model that is shorter keep up with the tall chicks, or at least play in the modeling world?

Here are some thoughts that I shared with her, that might intrigue you:

1.Knowing how to market your self is major when it comes to getting modeling work. And thinking about how you are targeting yourself, introducing yourself, positioning yourself when you present your photos to an agency through mail or in person.

2.Sometimes knowing how to market your self involves literally looking in the mirror and asking yourself “What can I realistically model?” The barista has nice curly hair so I told her she could focus on hair ads, product shots of hair dryers, curlers, texture products. It is good to work from an example, so I would research in magazines and look, observe, and learn what an ad looks like, and start to conceptualize how your photos can look that will tell an agency “this girl would be good for a product ad.” Sometimes you have to create the shot, make it look like an ad, make it look like you can in deed model before an agent calls you back.

3.Not giving up is the biggest thing. Have you mailed your photos to a print modeling agency? Did you give up after one try? Not giving up is a huge part of finding opportunities and success in any thing in life that you might pursue and especially in modeling. So just because you didn’t get a call back from the agency doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Go ahead, submit those photos again, update your headshot, make a new compcard, get some stamps and keep hustling!

Isobella Jade's memoir is available in Bookstores

How many bookstores can Isobella Jade hit up in one day? 5!! You can find autographed copies of Almost 5'4" in the Greenwich Village store, Fifth Ave (near 45th), East 54th Street (Citigroup center store), Lincoln Triangle at 1972 Broadway, and another one at the Tribeca store, in the briography section. I am trying to sign as many in-store copies as I can.

Almost 5'4" is now available in bookstores, or just click the cover to read online shopping details.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Model Isobella Jade book release reading

Isobella reads from her original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", which is now available at bookstores, for more information stop by her website: www.isobelladreams.com or click the cover above.

6/24/09 at 6pm live at www.blogtalkradio.com/isobellajade

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate my photos! Models fixing their photo tips


This segment on Model Talk is about how to fix your photos and get better photography.

Did you know:

Hands and Makeup can ruin the shot.

Make sure your makeup is not too cakey or that your face is too shiny, you need to show natural nice skin to get a good shot sometimes.

After the shoot Make sure the photos are at 300 dpi or turn them into 300 Dpi.
Strive to learn a program such as Photoshop or basic photoshop skills.
Or try www.picnik.com

Cropping and lightening photos is a good skill to have.

Sometimes a full body shot can turn into a better headshot (crop it).

If a photo is too dark, dark around the eyes it can be hard to touch that up yourself, but if you turn the photo to black and white and then lighten the photo it could look better.

ELLE Reader great article

I am reading Elle magazine right now and enjoying the article called Pulp Princess about Miasha. the author and leader of urban lit writers, this is a great article of her persistence and I would love to meet this lady one day.


Her story is inspiring as well.

persistence and patience

While pursuing something that is a challenge remember persistence and patience are best friends. Give both a chance.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

quote from Nurse Jackie tonight made me laugh

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes –Nurse Jackie

I also like this one:
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king,- to me this means: Use what you do have to help someone else. Until your time is up you can be creating. Find a reason each day to smile, try to find the positive and share it.

find the positive and share it

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king,- to me this means: Use what you do have to help someone else. Until your time is up you can be creating. Find a reason each day to smile, try to find the positive and share it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Modeling for a short girl is about marketing

It is a challenge to model, it is not an easy thing and just being cute, pretty, is not enough. Modeling is really about marketing, many times in print modeling the models are not the hottest, most beautiful but they fit the vibe of the product and the consumer. Modeling is sometimes about “just being what they are looking for” and if you notice ads for lifestyle products the models are not all tall and perfect looking. But the main thing is to get some good quality photos that are not too touched up and show you for you. You have to make yourself available for opportunities and seek them, in the right ways. The better your marketing materials are, compcard, headshot, the better you can market yourself.

Friday, June 12, 2009

short girls can model

short girls can model handbags, hair products, sunglasses, skincare, shoes, and put it this way, wherever there is a need to advertise. To get modeling jobs it involves thinking about “what can I model”. Where there is a need to advertise, there is a need for a model to use, hold, and be apart of the products story.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not blaming the photographer...but

I am not blaming the photographer but if there was a release involved for a family portrait for a Xmas card that ended up being "in the Czech Republic, splashed across a huge storefront advertisement," they might want to look over the release one more time. It is easy to get fooled into signing something when it comes to rights for photos. Many photographers also sell images as Stock. It is legit, and a legit form of advertising images but the model or,ahem, family in the shot, should ask questions of usage even for a Xmas card portrait. Here is the story on Yahoo News here.

Other news that caught my eye recently:

Ad Age, What Danica Patrick Could Do for Nascar, Sponsors.

Why the round sunglasses? NYTimes

Um, yes this is me on Galleycat

Isobella quote for short models

realistic expectations backed with marketable ambition is best for shorter models. U might not get to rock the runway but there is more out there for you. Modeling is not just high fashion. - isobella

ComicCon and Latest Self Promotion Tactic

Last night at the monthly NY ComicCon happy hour at Dave and Busters, I added a new self promotion tactic to my list. My graphic novel Model Life, will be due this fall through Soft Skull Press, and to let a curly haired, taller-than-average gentleman named Vinayak know/remember my “coming soon book”, I told him to write the name of it on his hand. Which he did. Model Life was across his hand and I proudly held it up for the peeps at NYComicCon to see. What does this “hand promotion” really mean? Well, in middle school writing cheat sheet notes for tests, beeper numbers and phone numbers on my hand and on others' hands was a typical daily activity. Come on, you did this too. If your hand was not covered with writing you did not have a social life. Last night I learned this could also be a way of promotion when promoting books. A new form of "Hand modeling" for marketing?

Come out to the monthly ComicCon events, -you might just see me- but beware I might write the name of my book on your hand.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ask the photographer before a photoshoot

In this segment of Model Talk Radio, Isobella Jade shares questions you should ask the photographer before you do your photo shoot and what to be aware of so that you don't end up with a mistake, regret or tears, and that you get what you want instead.

Listen here:


You can also find Isobella Jade on iTunes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

exitrealworld.com swimwear for real girls

There is a swimwear brand out there that is not about airbrush and accepts tats:

I first heard of the brand from Elle Magazine, June issue, page 48.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Nude Photography book to pick up for Models

I suggest picking up the book Nude Photography: The Art and the Craft,by Pascal Baetens, even if you do not plan to ever pose nude. It is a great book.

The book is very detailed and besides quality photography, this book shows nudity without the airbrush, it features talented photographers that know the craft, and the book shares how they produce their images, and shows how beautiful fine art nudes can be. Pascal's perspective is addictive. I liked how at the back of the book Pascal answered questions about photography and an aspiring model will find this book intriguing and helpful when it comes to posing and understanding both sides of the camera, which is a good thing to know, whether you are wearing a beautiful winter coat, or nothing.

Behind the scenes of the nude.

I also suggest stopping by: www.finearttv.com

Loving my new Bakers shoes

Showing off my new Bakers shoes.


Life and modeling can be tough, but if you don't expect it to be easy, you will find through hard work, trying again and again, and not giving up...it isn't impossible to do something that at first sight might seem so.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

quote by me

Don't ever doubt the power of your self. Doing things "your self" is harder sometimes but never seek that short cut when you really want to do something right.

Friday, June 5, 2009

An Apple a day for a model...or any girl on the go!

Max Factor the man and the makeup

Get it while you can!

Max Factor is all over the media sites and news for cutting their US market share in 2010. However did you know that Max Factor was a person, not just a name of a brand but Max was born in Poland in 1877, and worked as a wigmaker to the Russian imperial family, and in 1904 he fled to America after Czar Nicholas II ordered the Jewish pogroms. Max ended up in St. Louis, where he had an exhibit at the World Fair (sort of like an early day International Beauty Show booth perhaps), and you can read about how the man who brought makeup to every woman, during a time when only stage preformers and prostitutes wore makeup.

You might have worn Max Factor, but whether you have or not, reading biographies about how the brand or person aspired always interests me, and I hope it intrigues you.

Here is the link to the book Max Factor "The Man who changed the Faces of the World" by Fred E. Basten.

I have it, I have it in my hand right now! :)

Models and self promotion

I have never relied on one person to make my modeling goals or pursuits happen. I have always relied on my self most. Self promotion is such a huge part of being or becoming anything you want to be and it is the same for modeling. Working as a model involves a whole'lotta self promotion!

Here are somethings that have involved self promotion along my journey of being a model:

1. Creating the right photos. Photography has been a major part of my pursuits, this is modeling where "image is everything" so striving to get better photography, improve my photos, and strive to work with better and better photographers through out my journey as been very important. What you show in a photo represents who you are as a model. What you can do, and where you are going, so striving hands-on to plan shoots, art direct them, be apart of the photography process has been major.

2. Mailings and submissions. The first mailing I did, to all the top modeling agencies got no no-where. Once I got a headshot and mail it out it only brought back one phone call. It was to a casting director for background work on the TV show ED. Then I made a compcard and tried to improve my photos to make them more "commercial print friendly." Today I work with great agencies, but getting a modeling agency, getting consistant and quality work as a model has been a process, and it did not happen over nite. It takes a lot of mailing, and submissions, research, and stamps to be a model.

3. Battling the voices around me. Many people I encountered said I was too short to model, I would be better off even going into porn or something, but I didn't want that, I wanted more. I wanted ads, ad campaigns, to be in magazines, I wanted to "model something" other than me! So it has been important to listen to your own voice along the way, the voice that can direct you towards your goals. Sometimes what people may think, suggest, is not always the best, so listen to everything but always have your own understanding of yourself and goals.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Me on a horse!

I love riding a horse! I did it for the first time 2 weekends ago in the Poconos and loved it! I feel guilty I am posting these pics here before I send the pics to my family in an email...about to do that!

Do you go Commandos? With Jo Bernard

I recently spoke to Jo Bernard, the Commando-in-Chief of Commandos: The way to be comfy down there while you go Commando, this is the scoop on the latest go bare with ease essential.

1. For my readers who do not know yet, tell us about Commandos and why a girl needs to be in the know?

As girls and women, we are raised to wear traditional, conventional underwear. Conventional underwear has always been about a piece of apparel designed to hold a cotton crotch in place for our hygienic protection and comfort. In the Evolution of Underwear, our panties have evolved from the chastity belt to pantaloons to granny panties to bikinis to thongs, all intended to hold a crotch for us. COMMANDOS Patches have now eliminated EVERYTHING BUT the crotch and it is COTTON, which is the natural and absorbent fabric recommended by doctors for our optimal vaginal health. No more waistbands and legholes creating VPL's in our jeans, pants, and shorts. No more irritating crotch seams when we choose to "go commando". COMMANDOS Cotton patches are for Ev'y Femma, Every Woman, no matter her age, size, ethnicity. Meet Ev'y Femma on our website www.gocommandos.com. They are great for travel, maternity, all sports and exercise, equestrian, after waxing, and just to wear every single day in jeans and pants.

2. I love all the reasons why you can wear Commandos stated on your website, I think the commando patch to put inside jeans is something awesome that many females can relate to. Had you gone commando in the past and wondered how you could make it more comfy?

I had never gone commando (without underwear) before we invented the Patch. It was completely foreign to me.

As a result of our marketing survey last year, we have learned that 51% of our customers also had never gone commando, which tells us that many woman are seeking an alternative to traditional underwear and have now found a replacement they prefer. Most of our customers rate the comfort level VERY HIGH and I'm sure it's because we use premium cotton that is very soft, and cushions this most sensitive area. The completely unique and patented design allows for ultimate flexibility when placed in the crotch inseams. The adhesive will hold it there until the woman chooses to remove it. Once you experience wearing nothing in your jeans or pants but the soft, comfortable COMMANDOS Patch which you don't even know is there, you really begin to dislike the extra layer that conventional panties or thongs add.

3. Have you ever had a memorable experience telling someone about how you sell comfort with the cotton crotch?

I once tried to discreetly explain it to a woman in her 80's. Once she understood the concept, she broke out into a huge smile and laughingly said, "Honey, I haven't worn panties in years! I just didn't know it was called 'going commando'. Where can I buy them?" This is when I learned NEVER to assume who our customer is. Again, she is Every Woman. "Ev'y Femma"! (I also love to be on a crowded elevator and ask who knows what it means to go commando!)

4. How has the internet come into play with launching the brand and marketing Commandos?

The internet has been and continues to be huge for COMMANDOS. Women love to share and Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is the absolute best form of getting one's product out there. The personal recommendation, the personal experience, the community of women needing and wanting products that they can believe in and have benefits for them, are all nurtured and developed on the internet. For example,there is a whole community of women who have vulva-vaginal conditions that cannot wear traditional underwear. They have online support groups, as well as Physical Therapists and Doctors, who provide much needed services and products that often are unavailable to them in their own geographic communities. Plus, many women prefer online shopping and we have our COMMANDOS available in our website store. Our website is fun, and girly, and very informative. It showcases our Press, our Testimonials, and of course, Ev'y Femma. In addition, men and women from around the world have found COMMANDOS Patches online and this is how we have now launched our product in South Africa and soon in the UK. www.gocommandos.com

5. During photoshoots it is best not to show panty lines so where can my readers pick up a pack of Commandos?

Your readers can order directly from our website www.gocommandos.com

Where we offer all of our colors and all 3 cotton fabrics (Cotton Fleece, Combed Cotton Interlock and 100% Certified Cotton Jersey). They can also call our tollfree number 866-970-FREE (3733) either to order or to inquire about a retail location near them. COMMANDOS are also available on a number of other websites, including Amazon.com.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Persistent Short Model segment

Isobella shares how to be persistent without pushy to get what you want as a model. From an agency to modeling jobs, working with photographer and becoming the model you want to be, in her latest podcast at Blogtalkradio.com

Not giving up is key. Approaching the right agencies, approaching them with the right photos.

Focusing on what you can realistically model and then perfecting your photos so you can get ahead

Here is a segment on The Persistent Short Model:


A book I plan to read: Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe

Photo by Carl T. Gossett Jr./The New York Times, 1956.

I read yesterday in the NYTIMES an article by DWIGHT GARNER titled:
Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Literary: A Playwright’s Life, With Marilyn

It was about the book "Arthur Miller: 1915-1962,” by Christopher Bigsby. A fan of Marilyn and Miller, I plan to read this!

Here is part of the article. You should read it.

Arthur Miller was 35 and at the top of his career when, in 1951, he first set eyes on Marilyn Monroe. He was the author of “All My Sons” and “Death of a Salesman,” the first play to win all three major drama prizes (the Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award). He would soon begin work on “The Crucible.” She was 24 and, with minor film roles behind her, virtually unknown.

You can read some of the book here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mark offers Young Women an Earning Opportunity

The excitement of getting something in the mail does still excite me! Especially if it is a beauty product!

I recently read on the PR Newswire about Mark and how "the number of college graduates hired compared to last year. In light of these staggering statistics many
young women are looking for ways to supplement their income and are turning to mark, the beauty and fashion boutique brand. mark gives young women the opportunity to make their entrepreneurial mark in the world and has spotlighted eight of their top National Reps in its first-ever recruitment video about the mark Rep opportunity."

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:

Or visit: www.meetmark.com

"mark has updated the direct selling model so it fits into the Web 2.0
lives of young women today. In addition to selling face-to-face, mark Reps
share products screen-to-screen with friends through their personalized
mark Web sites (e-boutiques), social networking sites such as Facebook and
MySpace, mark magalogs and by throwing mark parties or holding mark

"This is our first-ever recruitment video shoot featuring real young women
since the brand launched in 2003," said Claudia Poccia, Global President,
mark. "With unemployment rates at an all time high, we are so happy that
mark provides young women with a resource to not only supplement their
income, but empowers them to learn necessary entrepreneurial and business

About mark

mark is an expertly edited, beauty & fashion boutique brand that goes
beyond "selling." Founded by Avon Products, Inc. in 2003, mark provides
young women the opportunity to open and grow their own business and learn
valuable management, marketing and networking skills. Social beauty TM is
at the heart of the brand and represents a social connection and
conscience. The mark girl can make her mark by choosing what, when and how
to engage with the brand by going online to the brand's Web sites, social
sites such as Facebook and MySpace and in the pages of the mark magalog
and through mark Representatives.

The connections and networking lifestyle

At BEA I ran into a girl who said to me "It's about the connections you have." Connections mean everything. Well that is great if you have them. If you don't then you have to make them.

I believe in the power of your own marketing. I think the best person to market you is you. Yes publicists help, yes agents, yes all of it, but having your own marketing ability is also an asset. A Big one.

I watched quickly this story of an actor on a teen TV series who said, "Yeah I moved to NYC and everything just happened for me". I wanted to puke!

I am not jealous at all. But I hated his casual way of saying how he found success and it made it appear as if "someone else will make your dreams" come true for you.

I believe in the underdog, I believe in the resuls that come from work and not giving up.

Stories of someone sleeping with someone to get ahead, stories of someone selling out, etc,..don't intrigue me. To me that is bs.

Getting ahead, and doing and being what you want to be and do, is not always about someone else handing it to you, refering you, the connection someone else has that you need, but it is about your own ability to seek out the people who can help you, promote yourself to those who might dig and relate and have interest towards what you are promoting and why, and your willingness to make your own.

Quick beauty is my lifestyle

Typically on days on the go, I do not have time for major hair blow outs, and gracing fabulous eye-shadow oh-so-carefully on my lids. I give myself usually like 15minutes to do my whole face. Also I would be bored with it, there is no way I could spend an hour getting my face ready for something. I purposely try to be quick as possible.

Usually while I do my makeup I am also doing other things. For example:

I will cleanse, and tone, then run and check my email quick.

I will add foundation, usually a dab mixed with water to make it extra light and not cakey. Then while it dries I will check my email again or think about what I am going to wear today.

Then I will add powder, I.D minerals right now. Then I curl my lashes. And put on a coat of mascaral and maybe tweeze or enhance my eyebrows a little.

I let it all dry and run and check my email again or put on half my outfit.

Then I put on lipstick, maybe some eye liner, and another swipe of mascara and curl those lashes again.

Then I finish getting dressed, grab my bag and slam the door shut!

Oh..and I brush my hair...or honestly sometimes I just forget! Since I am running late and let the breeze untangle it as I race for the train...

Fashion news caught my eye

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover girl designs little black bikini for Hurley.


Jimmy Choo and Elton John are friends of PEP.

"Jimmy Choo is fashionably supporting Elton John's AIDS Foundation by creating a limited-edition accessories collection dubbed Project PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). It will include handbags, shoes, and small leather goods decorated with a new signature laminated canvas print showing off iconic Jimmy Choo details like snakeskin, leather, and even a picture of Tamara Mellon from a Vogue Italia photo shoot."

Found at Fabsugar.com and WWD.com

Event to get on a plane for: Yves rocher, L'oreal hold art exhibits.
"Natural Beauty Company Yves Rocher is sponsoring an exhibition at Paris Centre Pomipidou called "Elles@centrepompidou". It showcases 500 works by 280 European women artists to address issues from beauty to discrimination." -WWD

Puma gets sexy with swimwear.
Puma in North America is getting hotter and hotter with Puma Swimwear and Beachwear showcased this July at the Miami Swim Show, designed by Blue Water Design Group. -WWD

Self promoting and dishes to not mix

I just went through a pile of dishes in the sink. Damn! I hate this, scrubbing doesn't make me happy. I am glad to recycle bottles, paper, etc, but washing the dishes is my least favorite thing to do in the whole world I think.

I don't think I am alone in this. It is honestly hard to manage the organization of life outside of my current publishing, modeling and business pursuits...I am talking about being domestic.

I want to eat on a clean plate, but anyone who reads this and knows anything about me will know I have rough'ed it.

I find I am as domestic as my 14 year old self was. 12 year old self? Do these things change, do you get more domestic as we grow or are some people just not as excited to do the dishes as others find it stress relief?

There is no way I can clean without music. It is torture without it! I have to make it fun or I don't do it.

By far using the Swiffer® is my favorite cleaning item. I give the apartment like 15 minutes a day to tidy up and take out trash and such, but Swiffing puts the fun into it at least as I glide it across the floor, and dance to Steve Miller.

I try to clean one thing a day, the coffee table, the floor, dust.

Tomorrow I will attack the laundry. At least for that all it involves is throwing it in and remembering that you are doing laundry to change the loads. Honestly I set a timer or else, among my marketing and hustle, I just might forget!