Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick beauty is my lifestyle

Typically on days on the go, I do not have time for major hair blow outs, and gracing fabulous eye-shadow oh-so-carefully on my lids. I give myself usually like 15minutes to do my whole face. Also I would be bored with it, there is no way I could spend an hour getting my face ready for something. I purposely try to be quick as possible.

Usually while I do my makeup I am also doing other things. For example:

I will cleanse, and tone, then run and check my email quick.

I will add foundation, usually a dab mixed with water to make it extra light and not cakey. Then while it dries I will check my email again or think about what I am going to wear today.

Then I will add powder, I.D minerals right now. Then I curl my lashes. And put on a coat of mascaral and maybe tweeze or enhance my eyebrows a little.

I let it all dry and run and check my email again or put on half my outfit.

Then I put on lipstick, maybe some eye liner, and another swipe of mascara and curl those lashes again.

Then I finish getting dressed, grab my bag and slam the door shut!

Oh..and I brush my hair...or honestly sometimes I just forget! Since I am running late and let the breeze untangle it as I race for the train...

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