Thursday, June 11, 2009

ComicCon and Latest Self Promotion Tactic

Last night at the monthly NY ComicCon happy hour at Dave and Busters, I added a new self promotion tactic to my list. My graphic novel Model Life, will be due this fall through Soft Skull Press, and to let a curly haired, taller-than-average gentleman named Vinayak know/remember my “coming soon book”, I told him to write the name of it on his hand. Which he did. Model Life was across his hand and I proudly held it up for the peeps at NYComicCon to see. What does this “hand promotion” really mean? Well, in middle school writing cheat sheet notes for tests, beeper numbers and phone numbers on my hand and on others' hands was a typical daily activity. Come on, you did this too. If your hand was not covered with writing you did not have a social life. Last night I learned this could also be a way of promotion when promoting books. A new form of "Hand modeling" for marketing?

Come out to the monthly ComicCon events, -you might just see me- but beware I might write the name of my book on your hand.

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