Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The connections and networking lifestyle

At BEA I ran into a girl who said to me "It's about the connections you have." Connections mean everything. Well that is great if you have them. If you don't then you have to make them.

I believe in the power of your own marketing. I think the best person to market you is you. Yes publicists help, yes agents, yes all of it, but having your own marketing ability is also an asset. A Big one.

I watched quickly this story of an actor on a teen TV series who said, "Yeah I moved to NYC and everything just happened for me". I wanted to puke!

I am not jealous at all. But I hated his casual way of saying how he found success and it made it appear as if "someone else will make your dreams" come true for you.

I believe in the underdog, I believe in the resuls that come from work and not giving up.

Stories of someone sleeping with someone to get ahead, stories of someone selling out, etc,..don't intrigue me. To me that is bs.

Getting ahead, and doing and being what you want to be and do, is not always about someone else handing it to you, refering you, the connection someone else has that you need, but it is about your own ability to seek out the people who can help you, promote yourself to those who might dig and relate and have interest towards what you are promoting and why, and your willingness to make your own.

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