Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Self promoting and dishes to not mix

I just went through a pile of dishes in the sink. Damn! I hate this, scrubbing doesn't make me happy. I am glad to recycle bottles, paper, etc, but washing the dishes is my least favorite thing to do in the whole world I think.

I don't think I am alone in this. It is honestly hard to manage the organization of life outside of my current publishing, modeling and business pursuits...I am talking about being domestic.

I want to eat on a clean plate, but anyone who reads this and knows anything about me will know I have rough'ed it.

I find I am as domestic as my 14 year old self was. 12 year old self? Do these things change, do you get more domestic as we grow or are some people just not as excited to do the dishes as others find it stress relief?

There is no way I can clean without music. It is torture without it! I have to make it fun or I don't do it.

By far using the Swiffer® is my favorite cleaning item. I give the apartment like 15 minutes a day to tidy up and take out trash and such, but Swiffing puts the fun into it at least as I glide it across the floor, and dance to Steve Miller.

I try to clean one thing a day, the coffee table, the floor, dust.

Tomorrow I will attack the laundry. At least for that all it involves is throwing it in and remembering that you are doing laundry to change the loads. Honestly I set a timer or else, among my marketing and hustle, I just might forget!

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