Friday, July 31, 2009

B4 Modeling casting Sephora Times Square Touch-up

Next time you are near Times Square and you have a modeling casting and you need a touch-up before you have two choices depending on which way you are going. You can go to Sephora on Broadway and 43rd or 42 and 7th! I usually DO go to Sephora before my modeling castings and check myself in their mirrors. I do like the Sephora brand of makeup as well which doesn't get enough props. It is good stuff. Lipsticks are a fav. I usually go in Sephora to buy i.d bare Minerals powder. I wear SPF 15 Suncreen in Medium usually all year round.

Other things on my face and body right now:
LUSH products, Makeup Forever, Revlon, Boots, Rimmel, Maybelline, Wet n' Wild, Styli-Style...oh god the list goes, but I am basically simple with how heavy I do my makeup. Light, airy, I don't over do the blush.

I always forget to put on eye-shadow. I have this huge case from Sephora (see above). I gotta get that going on.

Model Fact: Did you know a model...

needs photos before she gets an agency? Yup. This past week I did a radio podcast segment on modeling compcards and I hope you got to catch that segment.

Many models are mislead to think the "agency does everything" -

This is not so.

The model, the person who wants to model, has to get professional photos, and make the comp card, and mail it to the agencies. Print modeling agencies do not have open calls typically. Therefore you have to mail your compcard in the postal mail. It is a major misconception and I wanted to just make sure you know the facts!

If you have sent photos through an agency website, if you have never sent professional photos to an agencies actually mailing addresss then maybe you should. It is the difference between having an agency and not having one.

These days a model makes her marketing material, mails it, uses it at castings and is more hands-on with her pursuits.

Your compcard is your model life line.

I hope this helps,

Real agents don't have 45 minutes to talk to models

A girl asked me recently about an agency talking to her on the phone for 45 minutes as asking her to drive 4 hours to meet them. She asked if it is a scam.

I said yes. Real agents don't have 45 minutes to talk to models they don't even work with yet. Sounds like something you should NOT do. Do not drive four hours.

How do you model being so short

A girl recently asked me "How do you model being so short?" This was part of my reply:

I know what I have that the modeling industry can use. The modeling industry is the advertising industry so I think of ways I can use what I do have to get ahead. I think of ads and brands and products and the types of modeling jobs I can realistically get and target my photos in that style. I make my compcards and I strived to be professional. I never gave up and this is how it is has worked for me. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

focus on the things you love about yourself

I might be lucky that I am petite, but I am not perfect.

I often think about what if we "people" had no faces, what if we just were not a nose, eyes, lips, how much do you weigh, where is your flaw humanity?... what would society be like. What could we judge eachother on then?

It is also interesting to think about how our looks have nothing to do with our brains, or our heart and how it beats. It is both that keep us alive and able to do what we want to do. Not our perfect teeth. :)

We are a judgemental world, a material world, and it is easy to forget what "being human " is. Just focus on the things you love about yourself, it could simply be 'how you interact with people and say hello to someone else and ask how their day is. Loving the "type" of person you are or "knowing the type of person" you want to be can brighten up your life and others.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They say you can model but is this a scam?

Modeling conventions, modeling hotel meet and greet: They are all Scams.

This post is taken from an email I recently wrote to give the scoop on model scams.

Keep in mind company, agency, or website that asks or proclaims: "Can you model" "be a model!" "Are you ready to be a star?" or any other "teaser" etc, is a scam.

Professional agencies don't ask if you can model.

These days reality TV and the media has made it where "everyone and their sister" wants to be a model or in entertainment so many so-called agencies take advantage of this mindset these young aspiring girls have.

A professional agency will NOT force you to use their photographer or printing service, they will not pay a monthly fee to be on the website, or charge you at all to work with them. A professional agency might suggest but if they think you can book work with them and you are ambitious, they will at least work with the compcard you have. Like like mentioned how Gene worked with mine in my memoir.

Strive to find a professional agency ok. They are out there. It might take more time to get in the door with a "real" agency, but it is better not to be fooled.

A professional agency gets your compcard in the mail and they would then call you. They might want to see you in person or they might just send you to a casting, a go-see to see how you do. And then just keep your card on file. I have had experiences where I did not meet the agency until I booked a job with them. It is normal.

Also many girls expect this personal attention. Too much "ahhh and ooo'ing" can be scamful and an aspiring model should remember that actually your print modeling booker/agent might not become your best friend, good friend, etc, a modeling agent is apart of your pursuit, but the agent /model relationship is business.

So just beware, it is a self-made world today and there are many so-called agencies out there, so please remember to becareful of scams.

I hope this helps,


Modeling castings, not being the perfect fit

Got some buzz in the Syracuse Post Standard this morning on Almost 5'4".

Went to a casting for jeans today, even though they were too big, I didn’t just say “oh they are too big!” I put them on and said, “I’ll give them a try, I can make it work.” SNAP, Snap. It is always better if possible to try, or did you walk all that way to just say “Oh they are too big!” Trying anyways can get you the job sometimes. It also shows you want the job and you are capable to try even if you are not the exact size or fit.

Then I was to the Apple Store, then Barnes and Noble where a guy tried to hit on me by asking "how can I lose weight,what books should I read?" I told him I don't know but the diet section would be a good start, then he asked "what do you do" I said I do a lot of things but you should read my memoir Almost 5'4", it is in this store. I wanted to smack him but maybe he bought the book.

If you want to check it out, click the cover here:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Modeling comp cards are still in demand radio

Isobella shares why you need a modeling compcard and how the internet has not taken over the print model marketing needs for a model. A tangible-can-hold-in-your-hand-compcard and headshot is still needed and a website is not enough. A girl who wants to model needs a compcard. She will share how to make one and why you need it.

Tune in Weds at 4pm or listen to the archive anytime!

It's not always about how long your legs are

To me modeling is like being a runner. You might not step out on the track as the fastest but over time, you can win races. Persistence. A short chick can still run the 400 hurdlers. I did it. It's not always about how long your legs's about your will.

The Beautiful Life -If you like Model TV Shows

I don't watch a ton of TV, I do not know all the actors out there. Or names of shows, but this one might interest you.

I had heard about the show but this article in WWD this morning caught my eye, on the show called The Beautiful Life. I might not watch it die-hard, but if you like Model TV Shows, shows about models, you might like it:

(However I do think modeling is NOT such a beautiful life, it is a life of a lot of hard work actually. Not just handbags and the latest fashions.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Creating Modeling Photos Video

New Creating Modeling Photos Video, Isobella shares tips and advice for aspiring models of all heights and creating photos that sell you and what you do have. Create photos that speak about what you "can" model.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

For everyone "the top" is somewhere different

For everyone "the top" is somewhere different. This is what "the top" looks like for me, and what it isn't to me as well:

Success to me is not found in holding a certain handbag, or wearing a certain label, success is not just a paycheck or a "title". I think success is when you love yourself and accept your flaws. I think it is when you overcome your own doubts, fears and claim your own goals. I think "the top" is found when you seek out opportunities, make them happen, become who you want to be. Then after you reach your goals, you make a new one and effect and help others strive to be where they want to be as well. To me that is a successful person.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are you a short model, or just not as tall

Are you short, or just as not as tall? It is all a state of mind and how you use your marketing mentality to get ahead.

If you know what you can model then being short isn't a small difference.
If you know how to market yourself and use what you do have to get ahead, then your height isn't such a factor to determine your success.
If you take the time, measure your realistic goals against the work it will take, you will find that there is possibility in being self-made.
If you are not a afraid to take a chance on yourself you will find your doubts dissolve.
Focus on who you can be and accept ambitiously what you are not. Be bold and brave with your choices, when you put yourself out there, show up, and put yourself in a situation for opportunities…you just might find even more than what you hoped.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I save money as a model on fashion

Paychecks for a model are not every week. Often it takes months to be paid for a gig; therefore saving money on clothing is essential. Here are 5 ways I spend less.

1. I shop selectively and I plan my shopping. Shopping when I am bored or just because usually doesn’t result in a good purchase for me. To prevent buying something that will just sit in the small closet, which is very easy to do living in New York City, it is best to look at what you do have and consider how you can upgrade a simple dress. Don’t forget a boring black dress can be spiced up with a belt or a cardigan, or maybe even cut that longer dress into a mini before going out and dropping a wad of cash on something new.

2. If I see a dress I love in a store I try it on, but many times I have found that the dress is sold cheaper on the internet, even within buying it the same season. Do your research before you purchase. Shopping online for items that are over $100 in store can be found cheaper online sometimes.

3. Handbags and shoes are items that can dress up a simple look and cost the least, so I spend most of my money on these items. I usually am carrying a “clutch conversation piece.” I also love meeting aspiring designers and I go to tradeshows and events in the city and meet the designers, it is fun to wear a piece when you know who made it. Usually you pay less too!

4. I don’t like to over-do my jewelry and I spend the least on it. Shopping for jewelry can be tricky, especially if you are on a budget. Did you know there are also great finds at jewelry sample sales, trades shows and even street craft shows? The styles I wear most are from Simon G, Carnelian Knoll, St.John, Judith Jack, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Shop has some beautiful pieces for day and night for reasonable prices. H&M also does a good job with accessories and jewelry.

5. The basics last longer. I have learned that those fabulous designer shoes are gorgeous and fun to wear, but typically all I wear are my black heels. A way to save money is to focus on buying items that you love and really will wear. And instead of buying yourself another pair you might not wear, buy something for someone else. It is easy to treat yourself again, but there is a joy that shouldn’t be forgotten in giving the gift of a great deal.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little Allure lovin today for Model Life

Model Life, my graphic novel due in the fall just got some lovin! So excited about this.

Here is the link to the plug on their Daily Beauty Reporter blog:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Battle of Models and the Internet podcast

Isobella shares the battle of the internet and models and how to tell what it legit and what is not when it comes to agencies and photography and how the web can help and hurt you.

Weds the 22nd of July at 2pm.

Tune in live here, or listen to the archive anytime:

Isobella is the author of Almost 5'4" which you can find on her website or in bookstores now.

Isobella Jade reads from Almost 5'4" (video)

It is best to turn down my podcast radio show on the right side of the blog to hear the reading better. This video captures me reading an excerpt of my memoir and it is a little long therefore I could not put it on Youtube. Oh well. I added it to my Myspace and also put it on my Facebook, and hopefully wherever you are and how ever you social media you can check this out. Sit back and enjoy the reading! :)

Click the cover to check out Almost 5'4" here:

Monday, July 20, 2009

How not to get scammed by a modeling agency

Another reason why it s good to manage your self and photos is because it limits scams. Legit agencies will at least work with the photos you have and the compcard you have made and try to market you with it. It is one thing for an agency to suggest a photographer but it is another to force you to work with the photographer in able to work with the agency. This is a scam. So make your own compcard. Especially if you are NOT of fashion model height. If you are shorter than 5'7" you should def make your own compcard. Mail it to agencies. It shows you are more put together, that are not just messing around with the word, it prevents those who take advantage of girls who are naive, and the more professional you are the more professional your interactions will be.

Strive to know the difference between a scam and legit, when it comes to agencies.

Making your own compcard is important but it also involves having interest in learning and understanding what a model needs for photos. It is easy to think "someone else will handle this" but this is not so. The reason many girls give up is because they stick to thinking people will do things for them. The "discovery" and being unrealistic, letting the images in the media contort their mind on the reality. Modeling is lonely. It is a pursuit that involves expecting to be very hands on with it and relying on no one many times.

Be careful when it comes to working with an agency. Go with your gut. Don't be too desperate to get a modeling agency, don't fall for scams. Be a smart model. Get ahead sooner. Know what you want to do, when you meet the agency speak up, share what type of modeling you are interested in. And be realistic about it.
Remember if it seems too good to be true it might be!

Author Frank McCourt had died

Last evening I was in a cab whipping down the West Side Highway, the wind loud in my ear but the cabbie had NPR on or some radio station like it, I heard that Frank McCourt had died. On another day I might not have known who he was but I was just in Syracuse visiting my mother and on her bedroom table I spied over a book called 'Tis. The New York setting and his venture to chase his dreams grabbed my attention within just a few paragraphs. It was rude to ask my mom if I could barrow it since she hadn't read it yet, but she said 'Take it" and added, "I loved his Angela Ashes'." But my bag was overflowing with other stuff. So I said "Next time."
It was ironic that the moment I got back to NYC and in a cab and let the energy of the city run down my spine, down the West Side Highway I would hear that author of 'Tis had died around the same time I picked up his book yesterday. He was 66 before he published a book. He is my inspiration for today :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A model is not just meant to look pretty

Quote of the day for aspiring models:

"It is work to be a model and I suggest to make your own compcard and headshots. NEVER pay an agency for photos but do expect the work it takes to create your own marketing material. A handout can mean a model scam. "

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Modeling in Syracuse or a small town like this one is hard

If you are living in a small town, or smaller city like Syracuse, NY or the surrounding areas modeling can seem impossible.

While visiting my family here I am reminded of the first chapter of Almost 5'4" when I wrote about how I googled the word model during a boring summer in Syracuse, NY- it makes me think about present day and how the internet has made a major impression on young girls and females of all ages and how internet sites might seem to be the only option for a girl who wants to model. However I strongly suggest NOT using it to promote yourself as a model mainly because although the internet might seem "where all the action is to network with a photographer" I believe (even through my own modeling mistakes you will find in my memoir) that the internet is the wrong place to start your modeling pursuits. In a small town it might seem like the only option. No modeling agencies. Not many photographers that do photography professionally but here are some suggestions:

1. Go to a local college or research to see if there is a photography department at a near by college.
2. Google Headshot or portrait photographer + your city
3. Go to a local photo lab and ask if they can suggest a professional photographer that shoots headshots.
4. Go to a craft show and mingle with aspiring accessory designers jewelry, handbags, scarves and see if they might need a model for their catalog, etc.
5. Stop by a local mom and pop hair salon or store, boutique and ask if they ever use models for their advertising or window display ads?

If you want to seriously call yourself a model you have to do legit modeling work and to do so in a smaller town you have to be inventive sometimes, and not just stare at yourself and comments on a social site.

Skip modeling contests on the internet, skip internet modeling sites, because if you really want to model the REAL modeling work doesn't happen by showing your photos on a computer screen.

Almost 5'4" can be found BN stores on RT 31 and Dewitt or here on my website.

Friday, July 17, 2009

How a short girl gets ahead as a model

A girl on facebook sent me an Instant Message this was part of our chat about shoter models and finding opportunities:

"I think modeling for a shorter girl is really about knowing how to market yourself, it is about knowing what you CAN model, and focusing on getting photos that represent this. If you only focus on your height you will not find modeling work but if you focus on what you do have that a product, brand, company might want to work with you can find opportunities. So first I would think about what you CAN actually model. Notice ads that are not so fashion forward because modeling is not just fashion forward. Print modeling is the most active area of modeling. And you see girls of all heights, ethnicities and sizes."

Then she said she had been trying but was having a hard time so I asked her:
But do you have your own compcard and headshot? Have you mailed it to print modeling agencies more than once?

See it takes ALOT of work to model, get a modeling agency and book work as a shorter girl, but you have to put aside the height factor and focus on what you CAN model, focus on "WHAT IS MARKETABLE ABOUT ME." And "WHAT ADS COULD I SEE MYSELF IN REALISTICALLY?"

I mentioned "making her own compcard."

"Well I think it is best for a shorter girl to make her own compcard. A must. Without it how can you market yourself? It takes a lot of work to launch yourself as a model! More than the internet, more than the games on these model-sites too..(just know any sort of show off your photos "modeling website is not real modeling"), it is best to get professional fast and a compcard, get a headshot done, put some thought into your photos, be picky about the photographer you work with, and really research the good print agencies that work with print models."

"Aside what you see on reality tv and within fashion the shorter model, the print model many times has to be her own agent, and when an agency forces you to use their photographer, and printing services it can actually be a rip off or scam so be careful. It is best to always make your own marketing material and not rush into signing ANY contracts. Stick to being non-exclusive until you have some experience and freelance with many print modeling agencies because one agency is hard to count on for a new model with no experience. Modeling for a shorter girl within print is different than fashion modeling agencies that pick up girls, house them, and all that is a totally different hands on world for a shorter girl focusing on print modeling and she has to be prepared for the grit, the hands on real work involved."

Later in our conversation I went on to share..."The main reason these not-as-tall-girls-find opportunities is because they have produced the right photos that sell them in a commercial way for a print agency. And a lot of self marketing is involved. ALOT of hands on work. Researching the right agencies, creating the right photos, making compcards, mailing, not being afraid to simply try."

I ended with..
:) "..if you want something, especially in modeling, especially if you are short, you have to keep your head up. be smart about it, and really focus on the best ways to market you :) goodluck!"

In Syracuse, signed books of Almost 5'4"

In Syracuse, NY visiting family, went to the Barnes and Noble on RT 31 and signed in-store copies of Almost 5'4" :)!

Just wanted to say to my readers, thank you for reading Almost 5'4" and I hope it inspires you- no matter your height -to chase your pursuits, to give yourself a chance at what you want because through persistence results and feats are found.

I am visiting upstate right now till Sunday and went to Niagara falls yesterday. So beautiful, will share photos soon. I got soaked on the Maid of the Mist. So worth it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

photography tips for shorter models video-just posted

Isobella shares photography tips for shorter-than-average models and she wrote about her photography mistakes that she overcame in her memoir Almost 5'4". Enjoy!

Listening to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park

Listening to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park you better hold your blatter!
Trying to use the bathroom at the amazing concert can leave you in tears and it just about did for my friend Vera and I actually. We had to go! A few mintues before the show started. So we asked a cop about leaving and which way to go and he exclaimed proudly, "Can't go out if you want to come back in!" Ok. Now what?
So we walked towards the stage, and asked another cop, a nice female one. She said Oh sure you can go, just hurry. You got ten minutes." So we ran. And snuck under a yellow taped area and felt victory as we stood in line with about ten old people with canes in front of us. Weird but whatever.
Soon a man came over and said almost yelling "You can NOT use the bathroom here!"
We were like "what, who are you?" He didn't have a badge or anything. Bathroom cop!
So we stayed but the older lady behind us said "He's right you sholdn't stand here."
We were like "what the heck, we gotta pee too lady!"
Then the bathroom cop came back and yelled again, and when we didn't move a lady came by with a badge and said "You have to leave."
What! we just want to pee! Jeez, we'd have better luck behind a tree.
So we decided to go back to our spot on the lawn. Except since we crossed the yellow tape it now appeared like we were sneaking back into the section/concert. The patrol were very fierce, so much that we got pushed by two men, one in a blue shirt, one in a red, telling us "YOU CAN NOT enter!"
"But we were just in there, the lady copy said we could go to the bathroom. We didn't know if was only for elderly!"
Now my friends purse and ID, and my bottle of wine were on the lawn and we needed to get back. So a male cop came over and we had to explain our story to him now. He was not buying it. Oh great shit! We just wanted to take a piss and this is what we get and we still didn't even get to go! Finally after almost crying to get back into the lawn to watch the New York Philharmonic in Central Park (which was great by the way), we held our pee for the first half, we went to the "other" bathroom line and finally went. Thank god I have learned to hold it for long periods of time! Don't ever try to pee before the New York Philharmonic play in Central Park. It won't happen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

photoshoot for Almost 5'4"

Just did a photoshoot for Almost 5'4", went to some of the neighborhoods mentioned in the book & shot some kickin stuff. Atmospheres include SoHo,outside the apple store (read in chapter 13), Harlem (prologue and chapter 15), Astoria (Chapter 13), and Brooklyn Heights(chapter 3-9), all featured in the book. Shot on film on Black and white, so excited to see results during our breakfast meeting tomorrow. Will see the contact-sheets. Shooting digital just isn't the same. Dropped film off by Union Square, saw Almost 5'4" sitting proud in BN looking so HOT!

I am so excited to see these photos, especially since the story of the shots co-sides with Almost 5'4".

It felt so good to shoot on film today. It is a more planned out process, each shot is delivered, precise. We had 9 shots left towards the end at the last location in Brooklyn Heights, and it was a test, a challenge, to nail them and make each one amazing, I love the pressure of making something look amazing so much. Could do it every single day, and in our digital world wish more photographers would shoot film. I wish these camera-holders would learn about shutter speeds and lighting and all the good stuff that makes a photo timeless and a well told story within the photography.

"Don't just take my photo, tell my story"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Isobella Jade at the LUSH store in SoHo

Isobella shares an in-store experience at LUSH in SoHo

Isobella and Fashion Modeling (video)

Isobella shares her thoughts on fashion and the short girl.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where are my people? Modeling tips Social Media

So I give daily advice on the pursuits of a shorter-than-average model. I started the blog: 2 years ago. And the launch of my podcast radio show Model Talk inspired me to blog more often and the show gets 5,000 downloads, hits, listens a week. So where do these people who listen to my radio show, read my blog, and watch my Youtube videos, visit me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter come from?

And what social network is better for me?

Good is a major part of my marketing. I think about "how do girls find me?" all the time. It is always Google. Their googling. And how I captured Google for modeling tip searches.

At first it was all about "having a website" now it is about being apart of 1,000 social medias! Or it feels like it, and actually it is working out very well.

My twitter is the lowest social media I have. Low as in compared to my Myspace friend count, Facebook friend count, and the hits I get on my podcast radio show, and others.

Myspace is the winner for me but lately my Facebook interaction has increased ALOT.
I think it is because many girls who want to be models are between the ages of 12-22 and they use Myspace more. Facebook comments, messages and friends are mainly 22 and up. Youtube, I have had 12 years send me messages about modeling. Twitter, I feel like mostly 22 and up as well.

Recently I started replying more active on my Youtube to the messages I get. I have ten mail boxes to check a day! It is a bit much, but this is how I am building my business around giving advice on modeling. Many angles and ways of web 2.0. One day I might get an assistant. I am taking resumes now :) lol. hehe.

I should check more often how many hits my website gets. But compared to my Facebook, Blog, Podcast, and other social media, ironically my own website isn't even on my mind most of the time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

around the corner

It is easy to put so much pressure on a certain meeting, opportunity, a chance. But I have learned that it is best not to rely on ONE thing to get you somewhere, bring you forward to get you where you want to be. Usually when you put so much pressure on "this one thing" helping you excel you find disappointment and distraught if it doesn't work out, come through, or turn out the way you hoped. I think it is best to focus tirelessly on your goals but to not judge yourself against the opportunities you miss, or didn’t get…yet.

Keep trying...don't let anything be the end-all. You never know what's around the corner tomorrow.

If my leg can model so can yours

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Self-portraits with Logitech cam, chilling

Well, I don't know if this is a portrait, but as I wait for my tortellini pasta to cook I am playing with my Logitech camera.

Time to eat!

Fashion hates the short models but who cares Podcast

In this segment of Model Talk Radio the topic is:
Fashion hates the short girls but who cares. You can listen live or to the archive by clicking here:

I will sharing how the history of modeling has been a rollercoaster from the early days to today. From the first fashion models being not as tall, to the Giraffes taking over the runways, to the advertising world giving the shorter girl her ticket. Inspired by the MET Model as Muse exhibit.

88th St and Riverside, the Blackout of 2003

A memory from my memoir Almost 5'4".

FLASH Back to 2003. The Black out of 2003.

So it was the BLACKOUT. Remember? Where were you? I was in Brooklyn Heights. It was my last night there. I had just walked over the Brooklyn Bridge because I was on 23rd St when the lights and MTA stopped working and I had to hike!

In BK Heights the icecream man was giving away free ice-cream- quick before it melts, the wine store free wine, no ID's needed. And even the hotdog guy. It was a circus, really it was.

The next day I was moving to 88th Street and Riverside, -the new dorms-at a ritzy part of town, and as I sat at the Promenade I thought about how I would probably be the only chick in the neighborhood who ever posed nude.

Monday, July 6, 2009

First time on 8th Street was when I bought Stripper Platforms

Ever made a bad shoe purchase?

FLASHBACK to 2001:

So I was doing some bad photography with some bad "guys with cameras" and I figured that some high stripper shoes to look taller in my shoots would be perfect. (even though I was not a stripper) So I went to 8th Street hunting for height. An experience I mark in my memoir Almost 5'4". Those stupid shoes, they were $50 which was a LOT for a college student to spend her weekly stipend for food on. Later, when I REALLY needed the money for food, I would regret spending money on these stupid shoes, which I hardly wore because after a few shoots I realized a “talented” photographer could shoot my proportions well without those slutty things on my feet weighing a ton.

These days 3-4 inches is cool. 5 inches is great, but those stripper heels are not in my life and never will be again that's for sure!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Model as Muse on 4th of July

Some people BBQ on the Fourth of July. I go to the art museum. Yesterday at the Met I saw the exhibit Model As Muse, I loved it!

It is a must see for any model out there, or person who is curious about modeling. Appreciating the history of modeling can explain to you why things are the way they are in the industry. Also you will see how modeling began, why models were needed, and the women that shaped the root of the profession.

I bought the book Model As Muse and I will be sharing my favorite pages in a video this week.

Also here are some random photos looking at an exhibit of amazing furniture and fixtures.

Now it is time for a burger!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some thoughts of my day

Self hustling can work: After you get press, you have to contact all the other press people, reports, editors, etc, that you want so you can get more,- one thing inspires the next. Now I need more coffee!

When you walk 30 blocks during the MTA strike just to show up for a casting you didn't book, it teaches you how much you give a $hit. Giving a &hit matters. You might not win them all, but when you keep giving a %hit, keep trying, showing up, giving yourself a chance, you can win some good ones.

Chase what you want, even if you fall and bust your knee and need a band-aid, get that damn band-aid and keep running after it.

As the sun starts to go down, you count all you did today, and your list still is long, but your spirit is still high, and each hour is important, because who you become is all up to you and what you do with this time.