Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some thoughts of my day

Self hustling can work: After you get press, you have to contact all the other press people, reports, editors, etc, that you want so you can get more,- one thing inspires the next. Now I need more coffee!

When you walk 30 blocks during the MTA strike just to show up for a casting you didn't book, it teaches you how much you give a $hit. Giving a &hit matters. You might not win them all, but when you keep giving a %hit, keep trying, showing up, giving yourself a chance, you can win some good ones.

Chase what you want, even if you fall and bust your knee and need a band-aid, get that damn band-aid and keep running after it.

As the sun starts to go down, you count all you did today, and your list still is long, but your spirit is still high, and each hour is important, because who you become is all up to you and what you do with this time.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by accident I’m a man of short stature, I was told time and time again I should be model but im ironically enough ALMOST 5'4. Your blog is very inspiring but my question is, are you still driven by society’s standards, and most importantly would you date man of shorter stature below the average height of 5'9 or your height? If you answered no to this question, then your book is a contradiction regardless if you broke the modeling standards most attractive women of any height still prefer men who are taller because thats what society portrays or women's standards. And the answer is?

isobella jade said...

Ironically my boyfriend IS infact shorter than 5'9" and when I wear heels I still look UP into his eyes.


Despite being short, modeling is really based on marketing not height. If a girl/ person markets themselves in the right way they can model. Modeling is about modeling something, a product, for something, and many products work with print models, cell phone ads, travel ads, computer ads, they are not all tall men and women, boys and girls, or Guys and Gals. For print modeling males and females 25and older are actually working the most because if you notice advertising it is targeted to that demographic which is spending and buying goods.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, and I applaud you for not being stereotypical and your efforts in getting the word out that being short shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving any goal they may have set for themselves in life. I will be purchasing your book soon; I hope it helps paying the bills. ;-P You are an inspiration to all those short men and women who are trying to make it in the Fashion & Film industry... You are absolutely correct it’s all about Marketing. I actually have a degree in marketing and communications so I know exactly what you are talking about.

P.S. GIRL! That Audio Clip about your period NASTY! LOL but I enjoyed the story…Keep it up..