Sunday, July 19, 2009

A model is not just meant to look pretty

Quote of the day for aspiring models:

"It is work to be a model and I suggest to make your own compcard and headshots. NEVER pay an agency for photos but do expect the work it takes to create your own marketing material. A handout can mean a model scam. "

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Lisa said...

That's true like most people often think, which is sickening.

In fact, I believe you may want to put up posts about average people who are envious of models, especially those they know really well, including intimate partners of the opposite gender, who often make things worse for models. For example, there are some female models (and also male models) who are in relationships with average guys (and girls) who are very jealous, possessive, competitive, and abusive and it's obviously not only harmful to the model's life but also his or her career as well. Believe it or not, I read it in a modeling book I have called The Complete Idiot's Guide To Being A Model.

In addition to that, you could provide help and resources for models who are in abusive relationships and also provide tips on how to avoid being a victim or perpetrator (especially for male models because they can sometimes abuse their girlfriends or wives.)

Well, anyway, great title and post there.