Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listening to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park

Listening to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park you better hold your blatter!
Trying to use the bathroom at the amazing concert can leave you in tears and it just about did for my friend Vera and I actually. We had to go! A few mintues before the show started. So we asked a cop about leaving and which way to go and he exclaimed proudly, "Can't go out if you want to come back in!" Ok. Now what?
So we walked towards the stage, and asked another cop, a nice female one. She said Oh sure you can go, just hurry. You got ten minutes." So we ran. And snuck under a yellow taped area and felt victory as we stood in line with about ten old people with canes in front of us. Weird but whatever.
Soon a man came over and said almost yelling "You can NOT use the bathroom here!"
We were like "what, who are you?" He didn't have a badge or anything. Bathroom cop!
So we stayed but the older lady behind us said "He's right you sholdn't stand here."
We were like "what the heck, we gotta pee too lady!"
Then the bathroom cop came back and yelled again, and when we didn't move a lady came by with a badge and said "You have to leave."
What! we just want to pee! Jeez, we'd have better luck behind a tree.
So we decided to go back to our spot on the lawn. Except since we crossed the yellow tape it now appeared like we were sneaking back into the section/concert. The patrol were very fierce, so much that we got pushed by two men, one in a blue shirt, one in a red, telling us "YOU CAN NOT enter!"
"But we were just in there, the lady copy said we could go to the bathroom. We didn't know if was only for elderly!"
Now my friends purse and ID, and my bottle of wine were on the lawn and we needed to get back. So a male cop came over and we had to explain our story to him now. He was not buying it. Oh great shit! We just wanted to take a piss and this is what we get and we still didn't even get to go! Finally after almost crying to get back into the lawn to watch the New York Philharmonic in Central Park (which was great by the way), we held our pee for the first half, we went to the "other" bathroom line and finally went. Thank god I have learned to hold it for long periods of time! Don't ever try to pee before the New York Philharmonic play in Central Park. It won't happen.

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