Thursday, July 30, 2009

focus on the things you love about yourself

I might be lucky that I am petite, but I am not perfect.

I often think about what if we "people" had no faces, what if we just were not a nose, eyes, lips, how much do you weigh, where is your flaw humanity?... what would society be like. What could we judge eachother on then?

It is also interesting to think about how our looks have nothing to do with our brains, or our heart and how it beats. It is both that keep us alive and able to do what we want to do. Not our perfect teeth. :)

We are a judgemental world, a material world, and it is easy to forget what "being human " is. Just focus on the things you love about yourself, it could simply be 'how you interact with people and say hello to someone else and ask how their day is. Loving the "type" of person you are or "knowing the type of person" you want to be can brighten up your life and others.


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