Friday, July 31, 2009

How do you model being so short

A girl recently asked me "How do you model being so short?" This was part of my reply:

I know what I have that the modeling industry can use. The modeling industry is the advertising industry so I think of ways I can use what I do have to get ahead. I think of ads and brands and products and the types of modeling jobs I can realistically get and target my photos in that style. I make my compcards and I strived to be professional. I never gave up and this is how it is has worked for me. :)

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ty jones said...

thank you for having this site and going into depth about petite modeling..Im so glad to hear that someone else feels the same way about shorter models..Im 5 2'' but say im 5 4'' have inspired me to continue with my modeling and not get discourage like i have been and kind of stop modeling but now i know how to go about and to be realistic with myself on what type of modeling cuz i got stuck with comparing myself to other models and thats a big no no..And the average woman is not 5'7'' so why do they advertise with taller women who do not give off the same look as shorter model would to the shorter women who are buying the im going go out and show that petite models are supermodels too..will stay in touch