Tuesday, July 7, 2009

88th St and Riverside, the Blackout of 2003

A memory from my memoir Almost 5'4".

FLASH Back to 2003. The Black out of 2003.

So it was the BLACKOUT. Remember? Where were you? I was in Brooklyn Heights. It was my last night there. I had just walked over the Brooklyn Bridge because I was on 23rd St when the lights and MTA stopped working and I had to hike!

In BK Heights the icecream man was giving away free ice-cream- quick before it melts, the wine store free wine, no ID's needed. And even the hotdog guy. It was a circus, really it was.

The next day I was moving to 88th Street and Riverside, -the new dorms-at a ritzy part of town, and as I sat at the Promenade I thought about how I would probably be the only chick in the neighborhood who ever posed nude.

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