Friday, July 31, 2009

Model Fact: Did you know a model...

needs photos before she gets an agency? Yup. This past week I did a radio podcast segment on modeling compcards and I hope you got to catch that segment.

Many models are mislead to think the "agency does everything" -

This is not so.

The model, the person who wants to model, has to get professional photos, and make the comp card, and mail it to the agencies. Print modeling agencies do not have open calls typically. Therefore you have to mail your compcard in the postal mail. It is a major misconception and I wanted to just make sure you know the facts!

If you have sent photos through an agency website, if you have never sent professional photos to an agencies actually mailing addresss then maybe you should. It is the difference between having an agency and not having one.

These days a model makes her marketing material, mails it, uses it at castings and is more hands-on with her pursuits.

Your compcard is your model life line.

I hope this helps,

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Marypoppings said...

I LOVE what you are doing here. I am one of those under 5'5 petite models that gets work and is usually the smallest model of the pack. I look proportioned in my photos!
But the petite runway isn't glamourized like the other runways, so petite models like us might "feel" a bit awkward when we say "I am a model".
Average height in the world is 5'4 - i've done the research! So, in terms of $$ and runway AND REATAIL, it is a venue that could sell higher than what is out there now.