Friday, July 10, 2009

Where are my people? Modeling tips Social Media

So I give daily advice on the pursuits of a shorter-than-average model. I started the blog: 2 years ago. And the launch of my podcast radio show Model Talk inspired me to blog more often and the show gets 5,000 downloads, hits, listens a week. So where do these people who listen to my radio show, read my blog, and watch my Youtube videos, visit me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter come from?

And what social network is better for me?

Good is a major part of my marketing. I think about "how do girls find me?" all the time. It is always Google. Their googling. And how I captured Google for modeling tip searches.

At first it was all about "having a website" now it is about being apart of 1,000 social medias! Or it feels like it, and actually it is working out very well.

My twitter is the lowest social media I have. Low as in compared to my Myspace friend count, Facebook friend count, and the hits I get on my podcast radio show, and others.

Myspace is the winner for me but lately my Facebook interaction has increased ALOT.
I think it is because many girls who want to be models are between the ages of 12-22 and they use Myspace more. Facebook comments, messages and friends are mainly 22 and up. Youtube, I have had 12 years send me messages about modeling. Twitter, I feel like mostly 22 and up as well.

Recently I started replying more active on my Youtube to the messages I get. I have ten mail boxes to check a day! It is a bit much, but this is how I am building my business around giving advice on modeling. Many angles and ways of web 2.0. One day I might get an assistant. I am taking resumes now :) lol. hehe.

I should check more often how many hits my website gets. But compared to my Facebook, Blog, Podcast, and other social media, ironically my own website isn't even on my mind most of the time.

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