Friday, February 29, 2008

So You Want to Model?

If you have your marketing tools, your compcard and your headshot, you can get modeling and acting work more easily than just relying on the Internet and only the Internet. Even though the Internet is a great tool. You need both. Models can be so many things these days, so you want to target yourself to the right jobs through your images and you want to work with real live agents.

To get great photos you might have to do some research, do a few test shoots, or shoot over and over until you get the images you need.

Knowing the images you need comes with knowing what type of modeling you want to do and targeting yourself in that way within your photos. If you want to be in commercials,use your personality and work with commercial brands and products you need to include these element in the shoots you are doing. Make sure your shots have energy, personality, a lifestyle feel. Look at ads to get ideas. If you want to model lingerie or swimwear, you might want to look at lingerie ads, and catalogs and get ideas of the type of photos you will need.

Making a compcard is next!
Mailing it out to agencies follows!

Sometimes models think you get the agency then the photos and compcard. My thinking, especially when you are petite, is the opposite. You need to be marketing yourself - and you need your marketing tools to do this...and you need your compcard and photos first to get the attention of an agent, and when you are petite it is the commercial print agencies. Not the fashion ones. It is normal to make your own compcard and market yourself, it is expected. Commercial print modeling agencies, casting agencies, and casting agents, don't usually make their talent cards. Usually the model makes it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sephora asks you to Pimp Your Lashes

I hope to catch you at Sephora in Time Square this Friday, Feb. 29th, for the Pimp Your Lashes to Paris promotion with Makeup For Ever!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The trap of Internet Modeling

From a simple Google search of Internet Modeling you will see a flood of pages trying to engage you into modeling websites that involve downloading your photos, creating a profile and counting your hits and clicks daily to be the most popular model on the site. But is this really what being a model is about? When you want to become a model is this the grind? Sure it is easy to be an Internet Model, so maybe this is the reason that so many girls do it. And that makes a girl feel like a model,-and that is the end all. No agency search, no castings, and the word model becomes an image of a girl in a thong, or posing with some cheesecake. Now I love wearing thongs, and I love modeling lingerie, but I find there is something happening to the girl next door who has become the Internet model.

I think it comes down to the access the Internet gives us, we can show off photos, send files, exchange comments, and it isn't just meant for family. These exchanges are meant to boost the ego and become one's own celebrity of hits and clicks. I think back to AOL when I used to get an IM from some random guy who searched the member directory and then clicked on mine. He then asked to see my photo, and it was this big deal of "what will he think of it," and then judging, "is he cute." And him doing the same to me, so the next IM you would receive would be the asnwer and it was soo nerve racking. This is how we used to exchange photos! Today you seem weird if you Don't have a Facebook or a Myspace or even your own website,- whether you are the girl next door or as a model. I will admit getting a compliment on my photo profile is nice but not my daily highlight.

And when it comes to me being a model and marketing myself and proving to me that i am a model...the screen doesn't equal as much as print does to me and my modeling career. If I am the hottest girl on the web, it really doesn't flatter me as much as an editorial tearsheet.

The hit and click is inspiring, but what it inspires is me to be more. To chase the "real" modeling work.

I'd rather be known as "that girl modeling that shoe campaign or in that commercial." Than just another Internet model. But everyone has their own interests.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Modeling Quote of the Week

"Modeling is about marketing and seeking opportunity, it is about opening your mind and being inventive and persistant and thinking like a business and marketing your self the right way in which you will get work and get ahead and get what you want."

chase it!
isobella jade

Putting together a New Modeling Compcard

I am putting together a new modeling compcard and I get very anxious and excited to put together my 4 top photos and a nice face shot on the front.

But before I do I get my images cleaned up a little. And I mean- a little. I hate over photo shopped images. Your modeling photos should be clean but not over airbrushed!

Use airbrush makeup, don't over fix your face in Photoshop!

To figure out what images to use: I also email the agencies I work with and ask them, " What images do you like best?" - and I ask my boyfriend and friends too sometime if I am stumped.

For my new modeling compcard I am only cleaning up:
1. flying hair and stragles
2. a little lipstick on the outside of my lips

The rest is my natural self. Your compcard should represent your diversity but especially as a petite model you need to look like yourself on your modeling compcard, since you aren't fashion, you don't need a photo of yourself with makeup running down your face in an artistic fashion, just smile and be you. You could end up in an ad campaign and start working with a commercial print modeling agency.

And remember when it comes to showing your body on your comp card. If you want to....your swimwear shot doesn't have to be you in a thong... it can also be you sitting on a lawn chair near the pool sipping a yummy drink or wearing your trendy sunglasses!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lingerie Modeling tips on Model Talk

My lastest pod cast segments have been based around Lingerie modeling and how petite models can get ahead in the modeling business.

There isn't just one answer, but I know it does come down to how much hustling you do for your self, in a Youtube world and Myspace world it is hard to not believe that Internet marketing and promoting is all you need to do,-this is just not true,- there is ALOT more promotion a petite model and any business woman needs to do and can do. On my modeling pod cast called Model Talk, I am speaking about modeling yes, but also it is mainly about believing in yourself, and that whatever you want is possible if you just work for it, and do the hustle for it.

It is simple to not try, to give up, to say, " no I can't",- I squeek my wheel a lot, and I encourage you to speak up for yourself and chase what you want. No matter what it is, and use inventive thinking and take a chance for yourself!"

Mandy Moore Launches Inspirational Website for Women

Each week I give my self goals, even if it is just mailing my compcards out or contacting magazines that I want to feature my book, sometimes my goals are broken up by titling them: Start of the week goals, and End of the week goals. I try to aim high and I know that even a simple thing can mean a lot, like mailing a copy of my book to a magazines or newspaper,- self serving means inventive thinking and staying positive.

Last week Mandy Moore launched a website called and I love it!
We all need a place to let it all out, and I like the message the website has about giving your a challenge, a goal, and to be who you want to be., is "a place where women meet up with friends, inspire each other to do more of the things that make us feel great, and help share that good feeling with others." - Mandy Moore

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Building your Own Dream

Sometimes you have to create yourself, and make your goals happen.
Confidence is what will get you your dreams. Lead your there, and give you a reason to pursue. Effort and persistance will make it happen sooner. An important part of my pursuit is writing about them, and keeping a journal, - I don’t do it to keep order in my life, I do it so that in the future I can look back and say to myself “ Oh god!” or “ Oh wow!" and.. give myself a moment of peace and remembering a moment I experience throughout my pursuits. Striving and creating and making it happen is possible and usually if something is a challenge it is always worth it to try.

Barbara Walters Special Rocks!

While taking a bath last night I read in Vogue an amazing feature on Barbara Walters and I just admire her so much. I don't drive either and she is a petite woman who has paved her own way and I am enjoying watching Barbara's special on ABC right now and the interview with Vanessa Williams was really good! I am from Syracuse, NY and Vanessa went to college there,-not that I knew her, but growing up I did listen to her music and recently while over coming my own battles, mistakes, and even regrets while pursuing a modeling career, and then diving back into my past to write a book about it-, admitting it to my self and writing about it all, the good, the bad and ugly, I would love to share my book with her -I am proud of Vanessa Williams for fighting for what she wants.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Strapless G-Strings

Strapless panties? Yes! They are here!

A brand called Shibue Couture has Strapless G-strings, which seems interesting for models to consider for not just photo shoots but anytime! I think the best example was that you can limit the lines on the side of your panties, which would originally show through on a dress you wear. I am not 100 percent sure about it yet as a quality product-, but it does seem interesting and worth a try.

Approach the Modeling Business in a Realistic Sense

Marketing yourself the right way as a model is so important. America's Next Top Model gives a un -realistic look at the Modeling Business. I am vey short but because I know how to market myself I am able to model and make money and work with real brands and agencies. Recently in the NY POST Larry Getlen wrote an article about Paulina Porizkova.

Last year, Porizkova told The Post the show was "completely unrealistic. They obviously don't take girls based on who can actually be a model."

"Top Model" contestants were sorely lacking in the looks department, she said. "I look at the girls and think, 'How are you gonna make a model out of that?' "


I agree, and also hate Reality TV,-it is a bad perception, a fake one, and I hate that TV SHOWS are portraying an industry in such a despicable way. You can't bank on a TV SHOW like America's Next Top model, America's Next Top Photographer, or Chef, to really get somewhere. I wonder what happened to the contestants when the show is over. Usually they end up no where, without a clue, and finding that they really wasted their time.

You can't buy your way into being in an industry either, you can't just buy a camera and call your self a photographer, or get a portfolio book and put some random photos in it and call yourself a model. GWC- GUYS WITH CAMERAS - Girls with some hits and clicks and comments on some Internet website. Models who aren't approaching the career realistically.

If you really do want to model and make money at it, you can- but you have to be realistic about it.

And if you get kicked off America's Next Top Model,- just hope no one noticed and keep trying, but this time, stick to the old fashion way and print yourself a modeling compcard, mail it out to agents, and start grabbin' your bootstraps and market and target yourself the right way!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe is awkward

Lindsay Lohan's spread in New York Magazine portraying Marilyn Monroe was creative but it is a bit ironic because I wonder if Lindsay Lohan knows that Marilyn was a size 12? I don't know if Lindsey would ever want to be that size, although most of America is that size and models and celebrities of the 1940' and 50's were larger, with a lot more curves as well. I actual love the 1940's women!

Marilyn was an amazing model who embraced her curves and although she had a need and want for alcohol it is awkward. I think Marilyn is such a talent, not a bimbo or meant to be taken lightly. I don't think Lindsay Lohan's work can be compared yet. Although maybe when she gets a few more films under her belt she will become a woman of her own-like THE Marilyn. Who knows.

If you have a chance watch some Marilyn movies, they are amazing, the comic timing is so natural, perfect and makes me laugh out loud even when watching it alone.

Model Beauty Talk: Beauty Products I am trying this week!

These are a few beauty products I am trying this week. I like to change up my routine, my beauty products every month and even to the week, enclosed are some brands I am trying for my face and hair, and skin.

1. Suave naturals, Tropical Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Yardley London soap.

3. Clean & Clear black head Clearing Scrub

4. N.Y.C (New York Color) Smooth Mineral pressed foundation powder

All purchase for under $20 bucks!

Scams of a Modeling Video Shoot

Recently I received a very weird email from an Internet modeling website about a video shoot that would involve playing board games while wearing only underwear. This " job" paid like $400 bucks but I can see right through this lame job and that this type of modeling or so called "modeling" is really going to get you no where when it comes to your modeling pursuits. A lot of girls are desperate to be seen so they are not careful about the jobs they choose, and are so focused on just "being exposed!" that they make mistakes of working in the wrong atmospheres. When it comes modeling, focus on print work, modeling products and modeling jobs that involve a catalog, and for a brand, and please always: READ THE FINE PRINT, and ask ALOT of questions, such as:
Where will these photos be used/ video be used?
When will it be distributed or available?
Can you receive a copy?
How will you get paid, will it be cash, check?
If the job is not paying do you have to sign a release? Read the fine print!

Modeling can bring great experiences and working with aspiring brands and magazines can bring great results for your portfolio but always think like a business woman, and take your modeling jobs, goals, and pursuits seriously, especially with the web: What stays can haunt you later....but don't be afraid of taking a chance for your self, because..every little step is a step towards bigger jobs, just make sure the little jobs don't involve a scam!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sephora and Make Up For Ever are on the lookout for the Beauty Insider with the fiercest flutter. Make an appointment with one of our pros, get prepped in the art of lash pimpin' and go home with the skills to transform your lashes. Then enter the Make Up For Ever Lash Pimpin' Sweepstakes, where prizes include a trip for two to Paris and oodles of products.

February 29, New York, NY Sephora Times Square 212-944-6789
March 1, New York, NY Soho 212-625-1309

I will see you at the SoHo store!

-isobella jade

Henry Street Settlement tonight and I rocked my Stuart Weitzman blue hot shoes

I had a wonderful time tonight at the Art Gala for Art Dealers Association of America to benefit Henry Street Settlement. I rocked it in my Stuart Weitzman Baltic Cosmos shoes and my Christopher Deane blue dress! Smoking! I loved the show and the yummy salmon snacks. The show was inspiring and a painter I represent is on my mind for next years show.

In a self absorbed world and business it is good to go out and see someone else' story.

Lingerie Modeling Guide: Brands to Consider

So you want to be a lingerie model? Why not model for brands and include these brands in your photo shoot! I love H&M panties and bras most, but these lingerie brands are great when it comes to quality and sexi-ness for your lingerie shoots.

Fruit of The Loom- they actually have some really sexy styles coming out!


Clo Studio

Fleurt -

Gap Body

Stella McCartney



Le' Mystere

And of course H&M lingerie

Lingerie at Wal-Mart! Lingerie Models better Be in the Know!

There is actually some great panties at Wal-Mart!

Did you know!

On Model Talk I go there, I talk about lingerie modeling and the products you can wear and flaunt for your photo shoots!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photo shoot of the Week: Petite Modeling Poses

This is my photo shoot of the week. Each week I will try to showcase a photo shoot I have done during my pursuits, or recently, or a creative concept I have had to create my own photo shoot,-which you can learn from. Aspiring models, and especially petite models should always try to include products and accessories into their shoots. I will be showing ways to make your legs appear longer for body part modeling and posing to make you look proportions. A photo like the one enclosed looks like an ad and when you shoot try to think of your photo shoot as an example of how you are as a model, as a test to show off yourself as a model. We might never rock the runway or work with high fashion, but there is so much modeling we can do. Enclosed above are photos of my self modeling my legs withhandbags, notice the bend in my leg, which makes my legs appear longer in the photo shoot.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Proctor & Gamble has good advice for aspiring Models

While searching the Venus Shaver online for my modeling job, I notice that Procter & Gamble has nice advice for aspiring models found in the contact us section of the website.

Click here to read their opinion on submitting yourself as a model or read below. I like that this brand, corporation is being vocal about the scams that are out there that aspiring models can fall for. IT is very nice to see the brands out there being inspirational and also honest and helpful towards the aspiring model.

"We're honored you want to represent our products! Models appearing in our ads are selected by our advertising agencies. They work closely with modeling agencies from around the world to select models to represent our products. If you're interested in starting a modeling career, your first step is to find a reputable modeling agency. Why not try sending a photo of yourself to local modeling agencies listed in the yellow pages? Also, many modeling agencies have a designated day each week or month, known as "open calls," when they meet with potential new models.

Here are a few tips to follow when dealing with agencies:

* Check the agency's reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
* Review all contracts/materials carefully (for minors, do this with a parent/guardian).
* Beware if an agency asks you to hand over a large sum of cash for things which may not be necessary, like tuition for the agency's own modeling school.
* Request references from the agency.

Best of luck to you if you pursue a modeling career

Goodluck girls, keep hustling and if you want some more advice check out my modeling pod cast at Model Talk

Being a Model, Working in the Business

Being a model and working in the modeling business consistantly is work! Especially when you are your own agent sometimes and you are hustling to be exposed, but being exposed isn't the only thing to think about. Remember that: Where you are exposed and How You are Exposed as a model is important. Think about the work you want to get...and focus on creating photos that represent where you want to go, the jobs you want to get and the model you want to be. Many girls just post photos on the Internet and call themselves models. ( I used to do that too.) But really modeling is when you are modeling a product, so regardless of your height start thinking of the products you want to model. Be a savvy model and read magazines, and even WWD accessories section to find out what brands are doing what. For example: Did you know that Mango has opened 500 stores! Did you know that Old Navy is bring out some very trendy suits and styles and moving to become a more fashionable name? It is important as a model to be in -the -know with what is happening not just in your own world on the Internet, but to understand how business works, and moves and how you can be apart of it!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup for your Modeling Photo shoots

I discovered Luminess Air this weekend, which is a unique airbrush makeup system and a great way to look sunkissed for your modeling photo shoots, it is a makeup source with hydro-mineral liquid that can give your skin a flawless look. During my own pursuits as a petite model and even to this day I do my own makeup alot for my photo shoots. Therefore, cosmetics has become my forte and I love discoveriing new quick ways to get natural, fresh looking skin. I hate coating my face with layers of foundation and I prefer powder and I love mineral makeup, but I have experienced airbrush makeup ( at an editorial shoot with Time Magazine I had it applied) and it does feel very fresh on the skin. Drys quick and there is an interesting ironic part of Liminess Air cosmetics and me. My boyfriend is from Houston and Luminess Air is based there. For all aspiring and petite models, sometimes you have to act as your own agent, makeup artist, marketing team, and production planner, and art director sometimes at your shoots. And it is nice to know there are products that can enhance your look and photo shoot. Check out Luminess Air cosmetics, it might intrigue you and limit the stress on preparing for a test shoot.


Hot Cole Haan Handbags and Posing Inspiration for Petite Models

Petite models should notice the Cole Haan ad campaign featuring Cole Haan's hot handbag TRIANGLE TOTE from the Genevieve Collection. See the picture above to show a great example of a great way to model a handbag. Maybe you are too short to rock the runway but you can use your legs, your hands, and what you do have as a petite model and rock acccessory modeling and this ad campaign for Cole Haan handbag's is a great example that you can use in your own test shoots.

Cole Haan bags!

Learning to Love Van Gogh through Simon Schama's Power of Art

In High School I didn't admire Van Gogh as much, but today watching Simon Schama's Power of Art, about Van Gogh, I really fell in love with Van Gogh's work. I love learning the history, the life, the mindset of artists and how in a world when there was no Internet, no Myspace, and Facebook or blogs, artists were story-tellers. I actually wouldn't mind living during that period in time. Maybe I could have been an artists muse instead of a model striving in print. I love learning about the passion in artists, the moving visual's they created and it is a great way to escape the material world for a moment, pull your face away from a mirror and learn about the lives of those who have created such amazing art, especially during a time when they weren't famous, but were struggling to do their dream.

For Van Gogh, painting captured what photography could never do, expressing the surging line and pure color of the mind's eye - yet sweeping him to the edge of madness.

Click here to read more about Vincent Willem van Gogh

Art lasts longer than anything I think. Longer than buildings, trends, and us!

The Truthful Interaction of Welch's Grape Juice Peel off Ads

I heard from the president of and he explained to me the Taste Drive that Welch's Grape Juice ads are encouraging, he painted a visual for me--that the new Welch's ads are not lickable but they peel off. These Welch's ads involve edible film which dissolves quickly similar to the popular Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips, in Cool Mint, except the taste is Grape Juice!... and now Welch's has a similar edible film that allows you to taste the juice in a similar way before you purchase a bottle of the Welch's Juice and have a big yummy glass!

Advertising is getting more and more exciting and more like interactive entertainment!

The Bag! Cole Haan is trying to be in your Hand!

Mr. Seuss, Jim Seuss is putting some spunk into Cole Haan’s handbags. As in,- targeting a more fashionable crowd. What I love about the brand is that the bag looks sturdy; the craftsmanship is so well done! The bag looks luxury but Cole Haan is now looking even more fresh, fashion forward, brighter, but still keeping their history and roots present in the bag. Look for new styles coming soon!

It does take more than one type of eye to create an ever lasting brand, and in WWD I read that Mr. Seuss, the new Dr. Seuss of handbags, is putting an architect’s eye, and industrials eyes, and jewelers and sculptures eye into the Cole Haan handbag collection. Already love the TRAVEL ZIP WALLET from the Genevieve Collection at Cole Haan.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Modeling Perspective: Lickable Ads and Marketing for Welch's Grape Juice

Did you hear about Lickable Ads? I read an article recently in the Wall Street Journal about this new way of advertising. I loved the little boy in the Welch's commercials, but the cute little boy is not the story these days, it is the lickable ads that Welch's is bringing out," the company has developed the technology used into the ad," which can be licked!

Sort of like a makeup sample in a magazine that says "peel here" you can now get a taste of Welch's right in the magazine ad!

Thirsty...just grab a magazine and lick the Welch's ad!

What the Frick!

I had a really relaxing day walking around the Frick today, I loved how each room has a different theme, and design as well, and you feel like you are walking in someone else's house from 400 years ago. The crown molding in each room was also so detailed and a piece of art in itself. It is worth the trip Uptown to see this building and the art inside is so impressive.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The S.I Swimsuit Issue inspires Aspiring Models

I recently purchased the S.I.Swimsuit issue and I really love not just the poses the girls have,-natural, not forceful, playful, honest, raw, not too much makeup- but I also love the ads! I think the ads inside are even better than the superbowl ads!

My favorite ad was the Taco Bell ad!

My favorite model pose was the Sports Illustrated centerfold of Tori Praver with the cocnut covering her (you -know- what). I thought this was a creative way to do a nude and make it a beautiful semi-nude and putting a piece of nature into the shot. I love beach shots and looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, I miss Miami. I am hoping to get to the Keys this year. I loved the cover shot too of Marisa Miller, it was a hot shot of how to use jewelry as a prop for your photoshoots.

Try to get inspired by looking at magazines and think about telling a story with your poses.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Stay Positive During your Pursuits

When you are pursuing a dream, or a challenge. When you are seeking, trying, and working hard, there are moments of depression. For me, this passes quickly, because I have a sense of self and I get over my bad mood by knowing that if the problem won't kill me or ruin my dream and plans, ( maybe something will delay it), but I try to focus on the steps I have to take to have the things I want. You have to choose to be happy, to be positive, and push yourself to claim your goals and pursuits.

If you do something nice for someone else, it helps too. Sharing your experiences and listening to others stories and experiences can also be inspiring and get you out of your funk. I usually call my friends who are chasing their dreams too and we talk about it. The Good, the bad and the ugly...but also the success we sometimes don't stop to notice, always rushing for the next thing- but when you take a moment to notice your acomplishments and what you are...right can also find happiness in the NOW.

Petite'ness is a good thing

Since it is Valentines day I wanted to share the ways I love being petite and I think this is also a day of loving yourself.

1. You can always wear heels!
2. You can get discounts in the kids department
3. I love my danty hands and feet
3. I love curling in a ball next to my boyfriend
4. I can wear a mini skirt and it wont be too short.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Polka-dot Bustier and Lace Garter Belt by H&M

Not just because it is Valentines Day but because it feels good to be sexy!
The Polka-dot Bustier and Lace Garter Belt by H&M is hot ( NY MAGAZINE got that right!) and only $20 bucks! I will admit I do own a lot of H&M Panties. I am thinking they might become the Go-To-Place for a quick quality and sexy lingerie pick up for a great price! I love their bra's, perfect for shoots and with the one you love!

Carrie Underwood an underdog to Admire. I did tonight at MSG

I really liked it when Carrie Underwood sang and sat with her guitar and gave her emotion towards her song “Don’t forget to Remember Me” tonight at Madison Square Garden.

The Cosmetics One-Stop-Shop Around the Corner

When I think of the D.R, I don't always think of only the Dominican Republic I think of Duane Reade, usually I stop into the drug store once a day it seems. Then the post office and the bank and usually in that order because it takes good makeup to get good photos, to get paid as a model! Then it repeats itself! Including Rite Aid and CVS, Wal-Mart and Target, here are some great products I use at my local Duane Reade.

Great eye liners for your photo shoot!

Wet n Wet
Love the eye shadows, great also for defining eye brows, for your close up photos!

Jane Cosmetics
Quality makeup and lipsticks, brings some plump lip to your headshots!

Missha great foundations!

Currently love the lipstick in Heather Shimmer and also the foundations!
Sometimes I run just to Target to get their products!


Great single eye shadows in green, and pink and ocean blue!

N.Y.C New York Color Cosmetics
Great mascara!

At your photo shoots, for a dramatic eye, don't fret over not being able to put on your fake eye-lashes, just rely on your eye lash does all the magic for your eyes.

Cosmetics for your Photo Shoots under $20!

Tonight on my modeling podcast Model Talk- I will be talking about how you can buy long lasting Cosmetics for your photo shoots for under $ 20! A lot of petite models, and models in general have to be prepared to sometimes do their own makeup at their modeling photo shoots, modeling jobs even, and test shoots. Also when it comes to cosmetics it isn't only about your face and beauty marks, it is about your whole body, and I will give you tips on covering scars and looking your best, on the job!

-isobella jade

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sanuk & The Modeling business and the Marketing business

While reading Footwear Plus, one of my favorite magazines, I noticed a great story based on the shoe company called Sanuk, the founder of the ten year old company is Jeff Kelley and his interview included a statement by him that was about how he got inspired to create a comfortable and light weight shoes called Sidewalk surfers. Currently I am not a really big fan on sneakers, but this story really hit my past...since I was ranked 15th in the State of NY for the 400 dash at one time, even so- I have to admit I still love, love my heels. BUT-Jeff Kelley mentioned that while he was doing research he noticed an article in The New York Times based on athletes who ran in shoes and who rare barefoot. I found this really interesting because his statement about his research also shows how the best products out there come from being inspired and seeking out the opportunity and researching it. Just like models, and those in the entertainment business, sometimes we have to seek out our dreams, find it, make it happen and learn from stories we read about, people we meet, and grow with it.

Self Publishing Means Self Serving- Featured in Prospere Magazine

No matter your pursuit and goal, self serving is possible to bring results!
Everyone should follow their dream and go with their gut, and when it comes to the publishing world, I experienced self publishing my book and this month in Prospere Magazine I share my opinion on what it means to self publish! I hope you enjoy the article. And take the inspiration and put it toward any dream you might have.

isobella jade

Monday, February 11, 2008

Petite Fashionista, Handbag Modeling Moment

Petite models are perfect for handbag modeling and working with aspiring designers is also a good tip for petite models: Here on Petitefashionista I am featured posing with a beautiful handbag from the LaCroix handbag company.

Isobella's Petite Fashion Favorite's and Shoes

A lot of my clothing goes from photo shoot to casual meetings and also to my meetings...and I like to be able to wear whatever I want, feel like my petite self. I don't buy because of trends, I consider them, but if I don't like it, I don't wear it. Skinny pants are in, but I still wear my jeans a little loose as well.

I am really digging the danty clean look of belts and jackets that is coming on the scene, I even saw some hot canvas flats at Old Navy for $20! Then for a deeper pocket decorative pink Miu Miu's with the blue bow are hot! I think mixing high and low brands and labels is very attractive. Being petite, shoes are always on my mind, I love Summer and Sprig most because my toes are most comfy in the sun and in open shoes. I think the pink color transition on the Claudia Ciuti sandals is very pretty.

Even though Amanda Bynes style is a little young for me, I really love her mature manner and I am liking her jackets at

As for petites with curves, I think basic cotton works nicely on petite girls especially the American Apparel tees, which I wear as dresses, I like their tub dresses too because they show my petite frame and curves, they are light weight and I can dress it up with earrings and heels

I am not intochunky necklaces and bangles and cuffs - it could be because of my bony wrist, and also I don't like to wear big jewelry because it makes me feel smaller, but I do love earrings and I think thin belts at the higher waist is great to make our short bodies look longer and I really love scarfs and bandanna's!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Petite Model Isobella Jade in Backstage

Above is a short story that was recently published in Backstage today! I hope you enjoy it.

-isobella jade

Petite modeling Hype: I love high fashion, but I am 7 inches too small

I am not sure I will ever end up in their runway shows, but these are two designers I love for their spirit, passion and how they bring energy, class, and personality, and a timeless look to their collections:

Oscar de la Renta, I admire how he grew up in the Dominican Republic and a when it was 18 he moved to Spain by himself! Launching his dream. He first started his dream by sketching for fashion houses like Cristobal Balenciaga. Then he launched into being a design assistant, for Lanvin in Paris. Then he worked with Elizabeth Arden before then launching his own label. He has an eye for taste and he can dress a woman who is 80 and also 18. I admire his way of making a woman look elegant, classic, meant to be admired, and adorned.

Roberto Cavalli-I missed his H&M collection-damn!I would have loved a piece. I do have a hot bra that I bought from Victoria Secret which Robert Cavalli designed it is hot, with a mix of animal prints. He brings element from nature and puts them into his work.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Becoming a Model: The Model in You

remember this: "sometimes you have make your own dream come true, pick up the phone, do your research and really create, chase, and make the things you want."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nude Models for Commercial Ads

Did you know using your body as a model can mean print ads and ad campaigns and being a model is possible when you are petite is you use what you got! There is away to pose nude while selling a product! Other Ads for consider are for OLAY, Johnson's Baby Oil and Gel, Aveeno,and St.Ives are great to get ideas for commercial print and body part modeling. There are ways to use your body and be seen in an ad campaign so focus on including products in your shots and even having a photographer photograph your parts too.

Modeling Comp card Advice and Tips Tonight

Tonight on my pod cast I give out modeling comp card advice and tips!

if you would like some insight, stop by!

So you're NOT at Bryant Park this week?

So your not flaunting your legs and the fashions at Bryant Park this week, well thats ok girl, there is still a lot of planning you can do. Think about what you are good for as a model, usually if you are shorter than a fashion model you can do print work and make that a focus of yours this year, focus on ads, grab some magazines, start pulling ideas from them, and start thinking more about your chances, because in the commerical print work, they are high! Enclosed is an example of a commercial print/web job I did for Minx sunglasses. So remember think about the products you CAN model. Modeling isn't just fashion...modeling is a lot more!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cosmetic Tips: The Eyelash Curler

Don't be afraid of this eye lash curler thing. I was for the past 24 years, until recently when I tried it and fell in love. I had plenty of makeup artists do it for me, but I really think the eyelash curler is amazing, and although it might appear scarey it can make your eyelashes that stick out look really glam! Here are some tips:

1. Do not do it while the subway is in motion or while driving.
2. If you still want to try doing it while in motion, just think about what my boyfriend said to me, ' do you want your kids' mother to have only one eye?"
3. If that doesnt change your mind, your nuts!
4. look straight ahead and face your eyelashes towards the center of the curler, press down and open it, press down again and open it, do not change the expression of your eye or move your lashes too quckly.
5. After a few tries it really becomes so easy you almost want to attempt to try it while in motion on subway or while driving...but don't! I swear you might regret it!

Shoe Modeling and Pedicure Cheap Stops!

So you want quality but you don't have quality money to spend on a pedicure or manicure. Going to a lot of shoe modeling castings and modeling gigs means you want your toes to always look great, these are two of my favorite spots to get a manicure and a great pedicure on-the-go- or last minute!

Soho Nails
458 West Broadway, 3rd Floor
West Broadway bet. Prince and Houston
Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Three words: In and Out! It is quick and pedicure's are $16. Manicures are $7 and the atmosphere is very laid back and you can talk on your cell phone all you want!

Colorado Magazine Online Feature!

This is cool, I got a feature this month on Colorado Magazine based on my modeling pursuits, my pod cast and my book, the enclosed is the link.

Loved this post on PetiteFashionista Today!

As a size six model it always seems the stores run out of my size quick! But thanks to shoe modeling I get to learn all about the shoe business and I think there really should be more shoes for the petite woman, and on Petitefashionista today there was an interesting articles/ response based on the tiny shoe shopping possibilities.

Thanks to the internet we now have more options then ever for petite clothing and shoes. Here are some links that carry your size and that are great resources. Please let us know how you make out. offers styles in U.S. size 3 and up, but a much better selection starting at size 4. offers links to shops who sell shoes smaller than size 5. is a site where they have done all the searching and provided direct links to shoe stores by size (US and UK stores). offers women's shoes in smaller sizes ranging from U.K. sizes 1 to 3(which converts to U.S sizes 3-5, and Euro sizes 32.5 to 34.5). ***** They have the best selection or you! offers classic shoes at moderate prices, starting at size 3 U.S. offers sizes 32 to 36 (aprox. U.S sz. 2-6). THEY ONLY SHIP IN THE U.K & EUROPE. is also called Giordano's, they carry size 4-5.5 only.

Thanks Christa Jean!

Modeling Monologue: Lifestyle and Pursuits

Wake up to a call from my agency, casting to get to at a shoe comapny asap for the shoe shows. I quickly clean up my pedicure and run up to Midtown taking the 2 train then transfering to the N train and then finding that the showroom had moved and I had to run across town 2 avenues and found my destination. Then I ran around the showrooms trying to find the right person, and once I did, I get my foot measured, -the size of my foot, the sides, the front, to see if I fit the shoe like Cinderella, and I fill the shoe and get booked to be on call- which means I am not 100% scheduled to be there in the morning, but by a simple phone call I have to be ready and available. It means I can't book anything else and I have to be available anytime to run to the shoe show to shoe model if they need a model. The best part is, whether I do the actual shoe modeling or not I get paid!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Creating Concepts for my Photoshoots: Me and My Michael Kors boots

Well I bought these Michael Kors boots without even trying them on, I was in a major rush and about to be late for my movie( I was seeing Juno-it was great!) and I really wanted the boots and the store was closing...Well it turned out to be a GREAT purchase~! The next day I did a shoot wearing them and I included the box the boots came in!-I try to add personality and a story to all my shoots. This was fun, random, and after walking around the city all day in the Michael Kors boots, my feet didn't even hurt. The box was a cool prop too.

Isobella posing in a Michael Kors Box!

So I bought these HOT Michael Kors boots, and the box that the shoes came in became part of my shoot! I fit right inside the box- Here is a little spec ad I made based around the Michael Kors lace up boots and how the box became my prop! I hope the marketing department likes it.

A Perfect Modeling gig for a Petite Model

Off to a casting for jewelry modeling- a perfect gig for a petite model. Tonight or tomorrow I will be doing a photoshoot for my own Apple inspired bikini! stay tuned.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Rocks!

This weekend I tried the Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup and I love it. The Bare Minerals foundation was fun to apply and quick. I am not the best at following directions for cosmetics, ( usually I just wing it and think of blending mostly) but I did the steps and my face really did feel good and look good, it didn't even feel like I had any makeup on, which made me keep wanting to apply it as well. Light and fresh, (it might not cover up your pimples fully, but) it does make your face glow and feel angelic.

Also I love the brush, it feels really good over and over on my face, so that alone is a nice seller.

Cosmetics for your Photoshoots Made Simple

My favorites are simple:
A good foundation and powder
A great eyelash curler ( don't be afraid of it, although it does seem a bit like that scene in Clock Work Orange!
And a nice rose lipstick or lip gloss

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend Photoshoots and a Reason to Design

The weekend is a great time to plan photoshoots and to update your modeling portfolio. This weekend I am shooting with a handbag company and also planning to create some of my own bikini's, ( I used to make artistic bikini's alot in college and when I lived in Miami,) then I would use them in my shoots, I even worked with the stylist a few times at Stuff Magazine, -above are some photos from the designs I used to make. I am feeling inspired to create something this weekend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Preparing for a Casting

Don't do it on the train like I do and almost poke my eye out putting mascara on, I hear my boyfriends voice " put that away!" I do lotion my legs on the subway and the other day took my shoes all the way off and I consider the New York City Transit System perfect grounds for giving yourself a touch-up before a casting, but it might better to slip into a Sephora instead!

Petite Fashionista- There is a blog for us!

For the petite girls, for the shorter woman, there is a blog called Petite Fashionista, and I recently contacted the founder Christa Jean and today she posted my opinion on Being More of A Model, follow the link:

The blog is inspiring as well and features how Petite is actually exposed in the media, magazines, news, etc, very cool!