Friday, February 22, 2008

Approach the Modeling Business in a Realistic Sense

Marketing yourself the right way as a model is so important. America's Next Top Model gives a un -realistic look at the Modeling Business. I am vey short but because I know how to market myself I am able to model and make money and work with real brands and agencies. Recently in the NY POST Larry Getlen wrote an article about Paulina Porizkova.

Last year, Porizkova told The Post the show was "completely unrealistic. They obviously don't take girls based on who can actually be a model."

"Top Model" contestants were sorely lacking in the looks department, she said. "I look at the girls and think, 'How are you gonna make a model out of that?' "


I agree, and also hate Reality TV,-it is a bad perception, a fake one, and I hate that TV SHOWS are portraying an industry in such a despicable way. You can't bank on a TV SHOW like America's Next Top model, America's Next Top Photographer, or Chef, to really get somewhere. I wonder what happened to the contestants when the show is over. Usually they end up no where, without a clue, and finding that they really wasted their time.

You can't buy your way into being in an industry either, you can't just buy a camera and call your self a photographer, or get a portfolio book and put some random photos in it and call yourself a model. GWC- GUYS WITH CAMERAS - Girls with some hits and clicks and comments on some Internet website. Models who aren't approaching the career realistically.

If you really do want to model and make money at it, you can- but you have to be realistic about it.

And if you get kicked off America's Next Top Model,- just hope no one noticed and keep trying, but this time, stick to the old fashion way and print yourself a modeling compcard, mail it out to agents, and start grabbin' your bootstraps and market and target yourself the right way!

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