Monday, February 18, 2008

Being a Model, Working in the Business

Being a model and working in the modeling business consistantly is work! Especially when you are your own agent sometimes and you are hustling to be exposed, but being exposed isn't the only thing to think about. Remember that: Where you are exposed and How You are Exposed as a model is important. Think about the work you want to get...and focus on creating photos that represent where you want to go, the jobs you want to get and the model you want to be. Many girls just post photos on the Internet and call themselves models. ( I used to do that too.) But really modeling is when you are modeling a product, so regardless of your height start thinking of the products you want to model. Be a savvy model and read magazines, and even WWD accessories section to find out what brands are doing what. For example: Did you know that Mango has opened 500 stores! Did you know that Old Navy is bring out some very trendy suits and styles and moving to become a more fashionable name? It is important as a model to be in -the -know with what is happening not just in your own world on the Internet, but to understand how business works, and moves and how you can be apart of it!

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