Friday, February 15, 2008

The S.I Swimsuit Issue inspires Aspiring Models

I recently purchased the S.I.Swimsuit issue and I really love not just the poses the girls have,-natural, not forceful, playful, honest, raw, not too much makeup- but I also love the ads! I think the ads inside are even better than the superbowl ads!

My favorite ad was the Taco Bell ad!

My favorite model pose was the Sports Illustrated centerfold of Tori Praver with the cocnut covering her (you -know- what). I thought this was a creative way to do a nude and make it a beautiful semi-nude and putting a piece of nature into the shot. I love beach shots and looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, I miss Miami. I am hoping to get to the Keys this year. I loved the cover shot too of Marisa Miller, it was a hot shot of how to use jewelry as a prop for your photoshoots.

Try to get inspired by looking at magazines and think about telling a story with your poses.

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