Friday, February 8, 2008

Petite modeling Hype: I love high fashion, but I am 7 inches too small

I am not sure I will ever end up in their runway shows, but these are two designers I love for their spirit, passion and how they bring energy, class, and personality, and a timeless look to their collections:

Oscar de la Renta, I admire how he grew up in the Dominican Republic and a when it was 18 he moved to Spain by himself! Launching his dream. He first started his dream by sketching for fashion houses like Cristobal Balenciaga. Then he launched into being a design assistant, for Lanvin in Paris. Then he worked with Elizabeth Arden before then launching his own label. He has an eye for taste and he can dress a woman who is 80 and also 18. I admire his way of making a woman look elegant, classic, meant to be admired, and adorned.

Roberto Cavalli-I missed his H&M collection-damn!I would have loved a piece. I do have a hot bra that I bought from Victoria Secret which Robert Cavalli designed it is hot, with a mix of animal prints. He brings element from nature and puts them into his work.

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