Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photo shoot of the Week: Petite Modeling Poses

This is my photo shoot of the week. Each week I will try to showcase a photo shoot I have done during my pursuits, or recently, or a creative concept I have had to create my own photo shoot,-which you can learn from. Aspiring models, and especially petite models should always try to include products and accessories into their shoots. I will be showing ways to make your legs appear longer for body part modeling and posing to make you look proportions. A photo like the one enclosed looks like an ad and when you shoot try to think of your photo shoot as an example of how you are as a model, as a test to show off yourself as a model. We might never rock the runway or work with high fashion, but there is so much modeling we can do. Enclosed above are photos of my self modeling my legs withhandbags, notice the bend in my leg, which makes my legs appear longer in the photo shoot.

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i love ur bloog
- maria