Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barbara Walters Special Rocks!

While taking a bath last night I read in Vogue an amazing feature on Barbara Walters and I just admire her so much. I don't drive either and she is a petite woman who has paved her own way and I am enjoying watching Barbara's special on ABC right now and the interview with Vanessa Williams was really good! I am from Syracuse, NY and Vanessa went to college there,-not that I knew her, but growing up I did listen to her music and recently while over coming my own battles, mistakes, and even regrets while pursuing a modeling career, and then diving back into my past to write a book about it-, admitting it to my self and writing about it all, the good, the bad and ugly, I would love to share my book with her -I am proud of Vanessa Williams for fighting for what she wants.

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