Monday, February 25, 2008

Lingerie Modeling tips on Model Talk

My lastest pod cast segments have been based around Lingerie modeling and how petite models can get ahead in the modeling business.

There isn't just one answer, but I know it does come down to how much hustling you do for your self, in a Youtube world and Myspace world it is hard to not believe that Internet marketing and promoting is all you need to do,-this is just not true,- there is ALOT more promotion a petite model and any business woman needs to do and can do. On my modeling pod cast called Model Talk, I am speaking about modeling yes, but also it is mainly about believing in yourself, and that whatever you want is possible if you just work for it, and do the hustle for it.

It is simple to not try, to give up, to say, " no I can't",- I squeek my wheel a lot, and I encourage you to speak up for yourself and chase what you want. No matter what it is, and use inventive thinking and take a chance for yourself!"

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