Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Bag! Cole Haan is trying to be in your Hand!

Mr. Seuss, Jim Seuss is putting some spunk into Cole Haan’s handbags. As in,- targeting a more fashionable crowd. What I love about the brand is that the bag looks sturdy; the craftsmanship is so well done! The bag looks luxury but Cole Haan is now looking even more fresh, fashion forward, brighter, but still keeping their history and roots present in the bag. Look for new styles coming soon!

It does take more than one type of eye to create an ever lasting brand, and in WWD I read that Mr. Seuss, the new Dr. Seuss of handbags, is putting an architect’s eye, and industrials eyes, and jewelers and sculptures eye into the Cole Haan handbag collection. Already love the TRAVEL ZIP WALLET from the Genevieve Collection at Cole Haan.

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