Monday, February 11, 2008

Isobella's Petite Fashion Favorite's and Shoes

A lot of my clothing goes from photo shoot to casual meetings and also to my meetings...and I like to be able to wear whatever I want, feel like my petite self. I don't buy because of trends, I consider them, but if I don't like it, I don't wear it. Skinny pants are in, but I still wear my jeans a little loose as well.

I am really digging the danty clean look of belts and jackets that is coming on the scene, I even saw some hot canvas flats at Old Navy for $20! Then for a deeper pocket decorative pink Miu Miu's with the blue bow are hot! I think mixing high and low brands and labels is very attractive. Being petite, shoes are always on my mind, I love Summer and Sprig most because my toes are most comfy in the sun and in open shoes. I think the pink color transition on the Claudia Ciuti sandals is very pretty.

Even though Amanda Bynes style is a little young for me, I really love her mature manner and I am liking her jackets at

As for petites with curves, I think basic cotton works nicely on petite girls especially the American Apparel tees, which I wear as dresses, I like their tub dresses too because they show my petite frame and curves, they are light weight and I can dress it up with earrings and heels

I am not intochunky necklaces and bangles and cuffs - it could be because of my bony wrist, and also I don't like to wear big jewelry because it makes me feel smaller, but I do love earrings and I think thin belts at the higher waist is great to make our short bodies look longer and I really love scarfs and bandanna's!

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