Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sanuk & The Modeling business and the Marketing business

While reading Footwear Plus, one of my favorite magazines, I noticed a great story based on the shoe company called Sanuk, the founder of the ten year old company is Jeff Kelley and his interview included a statement by him that was about how he got inspired to create a comfortable and light weight shoes called Sidewalk surfers. Currently I am not a really big fan on sneakers, but this story really hit my past...since I was ranked 15th in the State of NY for the 400 dash at one time, even so- I have to admit I still love, love my heels. BUT-Jeff Kelley mentioned that while he was doing research he noticed an article in The New York Times based on athletes who ran in shoes and who rare barefoot. I found this really interesting because his statement about his research also shows how the best products out there come from being inspired and seeking out the opportunity and researching it. Just like models, and those in the entertainment business, sometimes we have to seek out our dreams, find it, make it happen and learn from stories we read about, people we meet, and grow with it.

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