Sunday, February 17, 2008

Learning to Love Van Gogh through Simon Schama's Power of Art

In High School I didn't admire Van Gogh as much, but today watching Simon Schama's Power of Art, about Van Gogh, I really fell in love with Van Gogh's work. I love learning the history, the life, the mindset of artists and how in a world when there was no Internet, no Myspace, and Facebook or blogs, artists were story-tellers. I actually wouldn't mind living during that period in time. Maybe I could have been an artists muse instead of a model striving in print. I love learning about the passion in artists, the moving visual's they created and it is a great way to escape the material world for a moment, pull your face away from a mirror and learn about the lives of those who have created such amazing art, especially during a time when they weren't famous, but were struggling to do their dream.

For Van Gogh, painting captured what photography could never do, expressing the surging line and pure color of the mind's eye - yet sweeping him to the edge of madness.

Click here to read more about Vincent Willem van Gogh

Art lasts longer than anything I think. Longer than buildings, trends, and us!

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