Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Putting together a New Modeling Compcard

I am putting together a new modeling compcard and I get very anxious and excited to put together my 4 top photos and a nice face shot on the front.

But before I do I get my images cleaned up a little. And I mean- a little. I hate over photo shopped images. Your modeling photos should be clean but not over airbrushed!

Use airbrush makeup, don't over fix your face in Photoshop!

To figure out what images to use: I also email the agencies I work with and ask them, " What images do you like best?" - and I ask my boyfriend and friends too sometime if I am stumped.

For my new modeling compcard I am only cleaning up:
1. flying hair and stragles
2. a little lipstick on the outside of my lips

The rest is my natural self. Your compcard should represent your diversity but especially as a petite model you need to look like yourself on your modeling compcard, since you aren't fashion, you don't need a photo of yourself with makeup running down your face in an artistic fashion, just smile and be you. You could end up in an ad campaign and start working with a commercial print modeling agency.

And remember when it comes to showing your body on your comp card. If you want to....your swimwear shot doesn't have to be you in a thong... it can also be you sitting on a lawn chair near the pool sipping a yummy drink or wearing your trendy sunglasses!

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