Monday, February 25, 2008

Mandy Moore Launches Inspirational Website for Women

Each week I give my self goals, even if it is just mailing my compcards out or contacting magazines that I want to feature my book, sometimes my goals are broken up by titling them: Start of the week goals, and End of the week goals. I try to aim high and I know that even a simple thing can mean a lot, like mailing a copy of my book to a magazines or newspaper,- self serving means inventive thinking and staying positive.

Last week Mandy Moore launched a website called and I love it!
We all need a place to let it all out, and I like the message the website has about giving your a challenge, a goal, and to be who you want to be., is "a place where women meet up with friends, inspire each other to do more of the things that make us feel great, and help share that good feeling with others." - Mandy Moore

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