Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Modeling Monologue: Lifestyle and Pursuits

Wake up to a call from my agency, casting to get to at a shoe comapny asap for the shoe shows. I quickly clean up my pedicure and run up to Midtown taking the 2 train then transfering to the N train and then finding that the showroom had moved and I had to run across town 2 avenues and found my destination. Then I ran around the showrooms trying to find the right person, and once I did, I get my foot measured, -the size of my foot, the sides, the front, to see if I fit the shoe like Cinderella, and I fill the shoe and get booked to be on call- which means I am not 100% scheduled to be there in the morning, but by a simple phone call I have to be ready and available. It means I can't book anything else and I have to be available anytime to run to the shoe show to shoe model if they need a model. The best part is, whether I do the actual shoe modeling or not I get paid!


Anonymous said...
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CynthiaC said...

Hey, at least your size exists. As a size 5 (sometimes even 4 1/2) only a select few brands have my size in this part of the world.