Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scams of a Modeling Video Shoot

Recently I received a very weird email from an Internet modeling website about a video shoot that would involve playing board games while wearing only underwear. This " job" paid like $400 bucks but I can see right through this lame job and that this type of modeling or so called "modeling" is really going to get you no where when it comes to your modeling pursuits. A lot of girls are desperate to be seen so they are not careful about the jobs they choose, and are so focused on just "being exposed!" that they make mistakes of working in the wrong atmospheres. When it comes modeling, focus on print work, modeling products and modeling jobs that involve a catalog, and for a brand, and please always: READ THE FINE PRINT, and ask ALOT of questions, such as:
Where will these photos be used/ video be used?
When will it be distributed or available?
Can you receive a copy?
How will you get paid, will it be cash, check?
If the job is not paying do you have to sign a release? Read the fine print!

Modeling can bring great experiences and working with aspiring brands and magazines can bring great results for your portfolio but always think like a business woman, and take your modeling jobs, goals, and pursuits seriously, especially with the web: What stays can haunt you later....but don't be afraid of taking a chance for your self, because..every little step is a step towards bigger jobs, just make sure the little jobs don't involve a scam!

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