Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Loved this post on PetiteFashionista Today!

As a size six model it always seems the stores run out of my size quick! But thanks to shoe modeling I get to learn all about the shoe business and I think there really should be more shoes for the petite woman, and on Petitefashionista today there was an interesting articles/ response based on the tiny shoe shopping possibilities.

Thanks to the internet we now have more options then ever for petite clothing and shoes. Here are some links that carry your size and that are great resources. Please let us know how you make out.

zappos.com offers styles in U.S. size 3 and up, but a much better selection starting at size 4.

smallshoes.com offers links to shops who sell shoes smaller than size 5.

smallshoes.net is a site where they have done all the searching and provided direct links to shoe stores by size (US and UK stores).

daintyfeet.co.uk offers women's shoes in smaller sizes ranging from U.K. sizes 1 to 3(which converts to U.S sizes 3-5, and Euro sizes 32.5 to 34.5). ***** They have the best selection or you!

piccoloshoes.co.uk offers classic shoes at moderate prices, starting at size 3 U.S.

small-shoes.co.uk offers sizes 32 to 36 (aprox. U.S sz. 2-6). THEY ONLY SHIP IN THE U.K & EUROPE.

petiteshoes.com is also called Giordano's, they carry size 4-5.5 only.

Thanks Christa Jean!

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