Sunday, February 17, 2008

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup for your Modeling Photo shoots

I discovered Luminess Air this weekend, which is a unique airbrush makeup system and a great way to look sunkissed for your modeling photo shoots, it is a makeup source with hydro-mineral liquid that can give your skin a flawless look. During my own pursuits as a petite model and even to this day I do my own makeup alot for my photo shoots. Therefore, cosmetics has become my forte and I love discoveriing new quick ways to get natural, fresh looking skin. I hate coating my face with layers of foundation and I prefer powder and I love mineral makeup, but I have experienced airbrush makeup ( at an editorial shoot with Time Magazine I had it applied) and it does feel very fresh on the skin. Drys quick and there is an interesting ironic part of Liminess Air cosmetics and me. My boyfriend is from Houston and Luminess Air is based there. For all aspiring and petite models, sometimes you have to act as your own agent, makeup artist, marketing team, and production planner, and art director sometimes at your shoots. And it is nice to know there are products that can enhance your look and photo shoot. Check out Luminess Air cosmetics, it might intrigue you and limit the stress on preparing for a test shoot.


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