Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Join a Model Site -the Misconceptions and Mistake

I am not a fan of websites that charge you to post your photo and then get castings, because usually the castings are crap and the amount of castings is very low, and it is a waste. I think of these websites as scams, and as misconceptions.

I had a terrible opportunity of doing some pr work for a man who ran one of these social model sites. Soon I couldn't even look him in the eye, I was so sickened by him.

For one: He had no modeling experience, two, he was obsessed with gossip and the site was more about celebrities than really helping people who wanted to be models three, he even said, "these people don't really want to be models, they just want to show off in their hometown with having their photo on a website that calls them one."

Before you even think of joining one of these social sites, why not try to market yourself to real modeling agencies first. A social site doesn't make you a model, a hit and click doesn't make you a model, The REAL Modeling JOB-makes you a model.

Commercial print and lifestyle agencies do accept models of all height and sizes. It is all about finding the right agency for you and working hard. Making yourself a model isn't just a quick thing, it doesn't happen over night and it does take time. Mostly it takes photo submissions and mailings and persistance. Try and trying again.

That is how I got modeling agents working with me. If you are expecting the shortcut, the easy way, the big discovery in a mall or airport, forget it!

It is called work, marketing and not being lazy!

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