Friday, October 17, 2008

Petite Models confusion on Agent

Many aspiring models think the agent knows everything and they know nothing. It is a bad thing. I have been approached by many girls on Myspace who have the wrong perspective on what it means to work with an agency and what it means to be a model. They think that working with a commercial print modeling agency is the same as working with a fashion agency, and that they will be handed things and things will be done set, jetset, just because the agency seems interested. Then they wonder why the agency took their money or isn't calling? Here are my thoughts on this ever-growing issue:

You should be careful who you work with, and also never lose your own control. Your modeling pursuits are yours. And you do not want to be waiting for the phone to ring and relying on one person to make your modeling goals happen.

Most likely you will NOT have an agency calling you ALL the time as a new model, especially as a petite or shorter girl, so you will want to work with more than one agency. It is normal and expected and many girls do it.

Commercial print modeling agencies expect it also. Alot of girls get obssessed with beign signed and having representation without giving themselves the proof that the agency is good for them.

If the agency has NEVER booked you a job, yet...then why pay them for compcards and hand over your money and give them the control. It is better to make your own marketing material. In the commercial print world it is normal to make your own marketing material.

You think for a new or aspiring actor they have their agents or casting director, and managers MAKE their headshots?
NO. The actor makes the headshot, mails it to a casting director and hopefully ends up as a background actor or in a feature film.

Same thing with models, you need to take control of your pursuits, make a compcard and stop wondering why you have no agent, and no legit modeling work coming in and no castings...because you are not a model until you start being realistic with yourself. Rely on YOU. Work with agents, but an agent is a marketing tool, like you are just a client, and one of many to them.

You work together, and it is a business. Not comfort food. Don't let your ego be teased.


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