Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Commercial print modeling advice

If you are under the standard modeling height you can still model. Stop dwelling on your height and also stop dwelling over how many hits and clicks you have gotten on your internet modeling portfolio and start focusing on the photos you really DO need. That will get you ahead.

Your images are what will get you representation.

There could be a very beautiful girl, with bad images, or images that DO not suit her and the area of modeling she could pursue.

What a petite girl should focus on is commercial print modeling and submitting your photos to a commercial print modeling agency, and the type of photos you need to submit can be found right inside the magazines you might already read. There aregirls/ models modeling for brands and products who are not tall for ad campaigns and product ads.

The next time you read a magazine or watch TV, start to notice the ads you see and the people in them.

Keep this style of photo and posing and energy in mind.

It would be best to find a commercial print or lifestyle photographer who can shoot you holding products- handbags, wearing shoes, and making your shots look like ads and editorials. When it comes to finding a photographer, in this day and age you sometimes have to be persistant and contact photographers yourself, you have to ask a lot of questions, and ask yourself if their work is quality and them approach them about a shoot or test shoot. It would be best to not leave it all to the photographer but to bring ideas to the shoot and energy, intrigue them with your ideas, be picky about who you work with, it would be better to have one GREAT shoot that will produce photos that will get you ahead as a model, than shooting a lot of bad photos. These days it is hard sometimes to figure out who is a quality photographer and who is not. It would be best to work with photographers who have worked with brands, who take photography seriously, who has done editorial photography and commercial photographer.

Everyday looking attractive people with energy book modeling work every day. It could be you.

If you are wondering why you do not have representation maybe it is the agencies you are submitting to. Maybe they are the wrong ones.

If you do have an agent and need new photos: Another option is that you can ask commercial print modeling agencies that you work with if they can suggest a photographer as well.

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