Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mobile and Models and growing my reel

Today I did a shoot for a mobile company that is presenting a commercialized video to their clients about bar scan codes and the change in advertising. It is interesting that the changes in advertising is allowing my resume is grow with more acting and modeling jobs.

These days there are voice overs more and more, and usually for a commercial ad or product there is more than one face needed to represent a brand, so that many models, sometimes up to ten on one shoot is needed. Watch a commercial, whether it is for a phone company or a beer brand, there is usually more than one actor or model in the shot.

I was one of three, not the lead today but one of the two friends and it was a great thing to see a girl from Trinidad playing the lead for this commercial.

So many types of models are needed, the other friend on the shot was a short haired model and I once had short hair so I can apreciate a good face that can pull of a short bob. Many you think that modeling is only for the tall, and acting is only for the beautiful, but it is not true. Let your unique'ness book you work and chase you opportunity.

We shot in Madison Square Park and it was a great shoot.

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streetstylz said...

Was the company Scanbuy?

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