Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elle Magazine proves "Implants are not a protector. They're along for the ride." The reason I won't get breast implants

So much of the word model can mean breasts and sexy curvy breasts, and perky breasts and I really love my baby B cups. Today I did my daily ritual of visiting Border's and getting inspired for my writing, and photo shoots by reading magazines, while reading Elle magazine an article called, "Terms of Endowment, by Sarah Bernard caught my eye.

The article gave me inspiration to never ever even sort of consider breast implants, and although they are the most popular cosmetic surgery for women, I am not planning to join that pain-wagon. I don't need bigger boobs to model anyways!

The article stated one out of ten implants rupture within five years (that sounds like fun whoooaa) and this means that doctor visits can be up to three times or more in ten years to fix them and in a person's lifetime you will have to make some adjustments to your breasts implants too, to keep the form and appearance depending on how your body ages-, since implants do not last forever. (The last thing I want to worry about are my frickin boobs needed medical help)

I already hate going to the doctor, even for just a yearly check up, and to consider getting implants means considering that these silicone breasts ( inside your body-YUCK! the thought) could bust inside of you, ruin your breast, and cause more unhappiness than good.

I loved the quote by Lawrence Reed, "Implants are not a protector. They're there for the ride."

For better or worse.

Sorry I will skip that risk and stick to my wonderful padded bra from H&M which I love and it takes care of my wonderful B Cups perfectly, I still get gawked on the subway with them, and to get my hot boobie look it is only $12.50

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