Monday, June 16, 2008

Beauty routine of a model with Sephora, i.d bare minerals, n.y.c cosmetics, michael kors

I am over liquid foundation. I had a shoot this weekend and the makeup artist used i.d bare minerals and reminded me of the whole Explosion of mineral makeup. I do like to loose powder feel on my face. Almost every single brand out there has some sort of it. Today I bought a single dose of i.d bare minerals, a pretty price of 25 bucks but I really love the results. For a cheaper but very similar look I do enjoy using N.Y.C cosmetics - also known as N.Y.C. Color-just as much and especially on the go. ( it is only like 6 bucks.)

I like the light lipstick with the dark eyes look, a flip of the lashes.

Today in the Sephora line I also picked up an interested Michael Kors container. The one I picked up though is smaller than the one shown here. It looked almost like a mini deodorant. For ten bucks it is a handy and small leg shine. I tested it out on my forearm though. I liked it and loved the smell too, smells like beach time! I wonder if it will be a regular item in the store. If so, I am sold!

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