Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A sun kissed Perspective, using airbrush for your photo shoots

For a sun kissed look this summer, without sitting in the sun damaging your skin, you can choose to use airbrush tanning or airbrush makeup instead. One of the first times I used airbrush makeup was when I was shooting a body editorial with Time Magazine and the makeup artist used airbrush makeup on my face, neck, and torso. It felt flawless!

In New York City a fantastic airbrush tanning option is Sundara Airbrush Tanning at 425 West 46th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. For an airbrush makeup application class consider stopping by Kett Cosmetics which is based in Long Island City, and is only a couple stops from Manhattan.

Sundra Airbrush Tanning is a great choice for spray on tanning and at the salon you can even receive custom color according to your skin type. You will have no tan lines but still have that great sun kissed skin. At the salon you can also purchase products designed specifically for use with Sundara's award-winning airbrush tan including: Sundara's Cane Sugar Body Scrub, Sundara's Coconut Body Butter, and Sundara's Watermelon Tan Extender which keeps your sunless tan looking great for up to two weeks. I also love that Sundara, means "beautiful" in Sanskrit, and that the salon specializes in giving a customer a natural sunless tan.

For any aspiring model, or working model, having an even skin tone is so important which is why a sunless tan is a perfect asset.

Also, especially if you are a model, makeup artist or a photographer you might want to consider using Kett Cosmetics for your next job. Their slogan is "makeup for the digital age." The airbrush makeup technology that Kett Cosmetics uses was created for the camera and was tested under the high definition camera lens. Kett Cosmetics also conducts Basic and Extreme Airbrush Seminars to enhance your own makeup application ability for the Beauty, Fashion, Print, and Television or Stage worlds. Kett's Hydro Foundation is water based, odorless and a blendable foundation that can be applied with an airbrush, fingertips, sponge. Brush/ Airbrush makeup also covers blemishes and limits shine. For photo shoots, airbrush makeup is great to quickly conceal and clean up the appearance of your bikini line. You can have airbrush makeup applied to even your skin tone and face and you can even cover tattoos when using airbrush makeup.

At your photo shoots and jobs you don't want to have settle for the cakey makeup look that makes you appear tired and worn out, you'll want to look fresh and airbrush makeup gives you that natural glowing look.

A few other great products to consider when you want that sun kissed look are:
St.Ives Firm and Glow (Available at all drugstores)
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Face, and Body (Available at all drugstores)
Skin Drench Whipped Chocolate Tan Mousse (www.sallybeauty.com)
Tanwise Exfoliating Self Tan Remover (www.sallybeauty.com)
Daily Radiance Facial Self Tanner Serum (www.sallybeauty.com)
Super Sheen Bronzing Mist (www.sephora.com)

To learn more about Kett Cosmetics and airbrush makeup visit: http://kettcosmetics.com

To book a sunless tan session and learn about the products from Sundara visit: http://www.sundaranyc.com

The sun kissed angelic nude oil painting above is by British painter Anthony John Gray, and it is called Time Will Tell, which spans 74" x 52". Harkrider Fine Arts is based in New York City and has a long history spanning over twenty-five years with the artist. Harkrider Fine Arts is currently producing a line of accessories based on Anthony John Gray's oils.

To learn more about Anthony John Gray's work please visit: www.harkriderfinearts.com.

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