Monday, August 17, 2009

ANTM cycle 13 models aren't that short actually

To me 5'7" is not short. 5'5" is almost tall, cause in heels you are pushing 5'8" 5'9" and 5'6" is still tall to me, especially if the girl is standing next to me in heels.

There are only two girls on America's Next Top Model cycle 13, the "season of the short chicks" that are actually what I consider short.

There are just two models who are at what I consider petite height.

Courtney at 5'4"

Sundai at 5'3"

The rest are 5'5"-5'7", Tyra is still saying a girl who is 5'2" isn't able to model. I defend this highly. I think they should have added some more short chicks to this cycle. Thumbs down to Tyra.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i totally agree. 5'5 is average, above that is on the taller side. im dissapointed.

jess078 said...

YES, 5'5 is AVERAGE! Wow, I can't believe there are no "true" short models on here. Very upsetting.